Regarding Omega Constellation, the most powerful manufacturer in the replica wathes industry is the VS factory. With its exclusive 8500 and 8900 integrated clone movements, the VS factory has been well received by the market for its exquisite craftsmanship and stable movement performance.

This 38MM Super Omega Constellation Replica is made of 316 stainless steel and is cast in one piece by VS factory. The whole body is polished and polished by CNC technology. It can illuminate people with exquisite metal texture and has a very high degree of reduction.

super omega constellation replica

The bezel made of stainless steel is very finely polished, and the scale on the bezel is displayed with Roman numerals, which is consistent with the original. Equipped with a sapphire anti-scratch glass mirror, which has been treated with dual-city anti-glare coating, the transparency and clarity are very high, and the exquisite details on the disk can be clearly seen.

The silver-gray radial pattern disk surface is decorated with a bar scale to display the time. The 3 o'clock position is a calendar display window. The window is exquisitely crafted and the same as the original version. The middle shaft adopts a classic three-pin design. The pointers are polished and polished. The length is the same as the original product, and the font printed on the disk is the same as the original product, without any burrs. Its worth mentioning that the VS factory also has great tudor replica watches Manufacturing process level.

super omega constellation replica watch dial

The thickness of the side case is the same as that of the original, the drawing process is very superb, and the lines are smooth and beautiful. Both sides of the watch are polished "claws", which look very individual and highly recognizable. The push-pull crown makes it extremely convenient to adjust the time. The Omega logo on the top of the crown is carefully polished and the non-slip gears on the side feel smooth.

8500 and 8900 integrated clone movements

The back is a transparent design, you can clearly see the structure of the movement. The built-in VS restores the genuine 8500 movement. The integrated design makes the movement more stable. The appearance of the VS factory is exactly the same as that of the original. Needless to say, the internal functions are not to be said. The deficiencies and shortcomings of all the movements on the market are corrected, and the balance wheel is as good as the original. The same, the repair rate is extremely low. The stainless steel polished strap is very delicate in workmanship and very comfortable to wear. The workmanship of the buckle is also remarkable.

316 stainless steel side

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