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My new gig at the World Bank

My new position at World Bank: Lead Social Media Strategist for Connect4Climate

I have been hoarding this news for a few weeks now. Earlier this month I accepted a consultancy at the World Bank to help launch and maintain their soon-to-launch ‘Connect4Climate’ campaign. Connect4Climate will be a campaign, a competition, and an community of individuals and global partners that care about climate change.

As many of you know, I am passionate about photography, a die-hard enthusiast of Africa’s mobile promise and the continent’s youth. That is why I was immediately drawn to the climate change photography and video competition component of this initiative. This position combines all of my passions into one fantastic opportunity. I look forward to hearing to the many emerging youth voices on the continent and in the Diaspora. If those voices are as passionate as our very own Teejay, then you know this is going to be good.

As the Lead Social Media Strategist – Connect4Climate, my job will be to get as many youth voices on the continent to engage in the conversation about climate change at the local and international level through the C4C competition. We all know that climate change affect all of us. That is why I will be reaching out to all of you reading this to engage with us to share your stories, links, data, and interesting anecdotes that will broaden the baseline of this very critical topic of discussion.

So while I am busy working with the team on launching the new site later this month, please make sure to connect with us on our Facebook page. Invite your friends, colleagues, enthusiasts, fans, supporters, (and climate change “doubters” are welcome too). Let’s get the conversation started. You can find me on Twitter @tmsruge. The C4C Twitter account will be open sometime this week. I will update this post with the new account once that goes live.

So let the conversation begin!

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