Project UMPG by TMS Ruge

Project UMPG

by TMS Ruge | April 1, 2010 | Filed in : | 1 comments

Project UMPG (Uganda Medicinal Plants Growers Limited)

This initiative based in Masindi, Uganda designed to transform over 1500 susbsistence farmers to commercial farmers. Project UMPG’s goal is to create markets for crops such as moringa, chili peppers, neem and aloe vera. In order to increase farmer daily earnings by broadening their market reach. Project Diaspora role involves crop selection, agricultural training, product development, supply chain management and international marketing.

The project’s next phase includes:

  • International certifications including fair trade, organic
  • Finding large scale local, regional international buyers through a focused marketing strategy
  • Establish formal distribution channels
  • Provide agricultural training for farmers designed to increase yeild and reduce expenses
  • Build processing and storage facilities
  • New product development

More information about this project can be found at the UMPG website.