3 Clever Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Marketing yourself is a vital step for any real estate professional. Finding new leads is how you keep your business growing beyond just referrals from satisfied clients. Many pros simply use the marketing plans written by their brokerage company. If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, here are three clever marketing ideas for you to try.

1. Direct Mail

In this day of oversaturated social media and email marketing campaigns, direct mail is making a big comeback. People take note when they receive personalized mail from a company. If you’re new to an area, mail a letter of introduction to potential clients in your target market. Make it a habit to always send out a postcard marketing real estate you’ve just listed to all the homes in the surrounding neighborhood. This captures the attention of anyone looking to move to another home or they could pass it on to an interested friend or family member.

2. Pop-Up Shop

Here is a way to add zest to your next open house and entice new prospects to stop in for a look. Partner with local businesses, such as coffee shops, boutiques or home décor professionals, to create discounted pop-up shops in the driveway, garage, patio or different rooms of the open house.

3. Experiential Marketing

This new marketing technique uses experiences to help you meet with potential clients in a real-world setting. You could hold an educational event in your community to teach homebuyers about the purchasing process and conclude it with a tour of a few open houses. Or host a walking tour of a neighborhood you frequently sell in to educate potential buyers about the area.

Adding one or more of these clever ideas to your real estate marketing plan will help you stand out from the crowd and gain new leads for your business.