Benefits of Growing Your Own Marijuana

Benefits of Growing Your Own Marijuana

In recent decades, there has been a change in the mindset of society. Marijuana has gone from being villainized and criminalized, to achieving legalization and being praised for its health benefits. There is a process to the gradual loosening of marijuana laws: first to decriminalization, then to legalization on a medicinal basis, until finally on allowing use for recreational purposes. As laws become less strict, more privileges are granted for the individual user. One of which is to allow marijuana to be grown at home for personal use. Some may lack the patience and a green thumb for marijuana gardening, but for those who are on the fence about trying, you may be more inclined to try after hearing it’s benefits.

Save money

Many have noticed that dispensaries offer a one stop shop for any marijuana, THC, and CBD need, but the prices for their products greatly outweigh that of the black market. This is due to the additional processes and costs of doing business to government regulatory standards that tacks on expenses. The dispensaries must still make a profit in order to continue providing services, which leaves the added cost being passed on to you, the consumer. Keep in mind, while purchasing off the black market may be cheaper, growing will still offer you a more affordable alternative. Even with buying in bulk, but regardless of how much of a discount you might receive, you will eventually have to buy more. After your initial investment in the seeds for your marijuana plant, you will have a consistent, renewable supply of marijuana at no additional cost.

You know what you’re getting

In late 2018, there was a spike in overdoses of an artificial cannabinoid called K2, also known as Spice. It sparked fear across the US as this dangerous and life-threatening “legal” drug slipped its way into the joints of unknowing users, often through laced marijuana. There is little known about the full effects K2 has, but is readily accessible with over 700 strains created, and can be purchased at gas stations, head shops and online stores. The black market offers little in place of a guaranteed safe alternative, as its processing and distribution is completely unregulated, leaving room for it to be tampered with or laced somewhere down the line. Growing your marijuana plant yourself is the only way to ensure you know that what you’re getting isn’t laced.

Save time and energy

Some might call this pure laziness, others may consider it an efficient use of time management skills. Either way, growing at home significantly reduces time spent traveling back and forth to your local dispensary. You also don’t have to deal with waiting for hours until your neighborhood dealer is available. Of course, there will still be the investment of time and energy from when the seed is first planted until its full growth and blossoming. Only once your marijuana plant has reached its flowering stage will the bud be ready to be harvested and smoked.

While there is not the immediate gratification that comes with purchasing your bud outright, growing your own marijuana is a safer and more economic option. Sweet Leaf Marijuana sells indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds as well as offering detailed instructions on how to grow at home.