Business Knowledge: How to Start as an MLM Distributor

These days it can be tough to earn enough to cover basic needs with one, sometimes two, incomes. Many people are turning to network marketing to make up the difference, plus earn a little extra to play around with. If you are interested in learning how to start an MLM business to support your lifestyle, follow these steps to help you get started off as a distributor.

1. Understand What a Distributor Is

Distributors who are interested in choosing an MLM company leverage their social and professional relationships to sell a product or service they believe in. They can typically buy products at a discount and earn a commission off of what they sell.

2. Choosing an MLM Company

If you are interested in how to start an MLM business of your own, these steps will help you with choosing an MLM company:

  • Search the internet for reviews. Find out what other distributors say about working with the company, and read success stories online. You want to pick a company that sets its distributors up for success with a quality product and solid business plan.
  • Ask people you know for recommendations. Chances are, within your network are people who are already selling for an MLM.
  • Find a product you care about. Loving and caring about a product will make it easier and more natural to sell because you can become your own success story. For example, if you are passionate about health, you might try Xyngular health and weight loss supplements.

3. Build Your Business

Once you’ve committed to an MLM company, it is time to sign up and build your business. Follow these tips to get started on the road to success.


  • Share your love. Create regular social media posts about how the product you are selling is impacting your life. Be authentic, open, and honest, and your friends and family can’t fault you for sharing something that is important to you. Don’t spam individuals with sales pitches, just organically share how the products fit into your life.
  • Track your expenses. Any new business requires an upfront investment. As soon as you make your first investment into your business, create a spreadsheet that tracks your investments and sales. This will help you see how much money you are earning and where you might need to make adjustments to stay profitable.
  • Throw a party. An online or in-person party is a great way to kickstart your new business and share with your friends and family what you are up to.


Looking for a reputable company to help you kick start your MLM business ventures? Check out Xyngular, a weight loss supplement company dedicated to changing the lives of both customers and distributors.