Differentiate Between Reel and Rotary Mowers

Differentiate Between Reel and Rotary Mowers

When you are thinking of purchasing the new Jacobsen golf course mowers, then what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It is whether this mower will give you the type of grass you want and what is the cost of this mower.  However, various types of golf mowers are used in the golf course for mowing purposes. Here we have discussed the reel and rotary mower which also comes under the type of mowers.

These mowers are used by people who have made their lawn as the course for playing golf. You need to consider the shape and size of terrain which needs mowing. Reel and rotary mowers are different from one another in the way they work and are used, and their maintenance.

  • Main Difference

Reel mowers have helical blades which meet a knife just like the scissors. Push reel mowers and the gas-powered reel mowers are two types of reel mowers. A human propels the manual or pushes reel mowers, and that is why it doesn’t leave any carbon footprint. If we talk about the main difference between these two, then it’s the cutting mechanism. The blades of the reel mower spin with the horizontal shaft and the spinning of blades cause the reel to spin.

On the other hand, the rotary mowers cut the grass with high-speed impact just like the helicopter wing. This is the reason why the reel mowers are known for the better-quality cutting of grass. The person who is running the reel, rotary or the Jacobsen golf course mowers must be experienced enough to know how to use them properly.

  • Maintenance

If we talk about the reel mowers, then you should know these works like scissors, and that is why the blades should be sharpened regularly. If you neglect the task of sharpening the blades, then the grass will not be cut effectively. Moreover, the blades of rotary blades can be sharpened more easily than the reel mower blades. Both these mowers need the maintenance service at regular intervals so that they can work fine.

  • Noise

Just like used turf equipment, these mowers also create like noise, but the intensity of noises are different. The manual reel mower foes do not produce any sound; however, the electric or gas-powered mower will create noise.

  • Shape and size of Terrain

The rotary mowers perform well in the higher mowing height, whereas the reel mower will work better on the lower mowing heights. When the grass is not too wet and long then reel mowers will be effective; however, these mowers will have difficulty in chopping the twigs. Reel mowers are good for the golf courses as they mowed at a constant interval during a week.  Rotary mowers can cut down the grass of any height, species and varieties. Human hands push reel mowers; that is why they are useful for smaller plots; however, rotary mowers are best for larger plots.

  • Environment Friendly

Talking about the mowers which are environment friendly, then it would be manual reel mowers. The rotary mowers emit gas as these mowers require energy to move, and that is the fossil and fuels give energy.

So, it’s your decision what type of Jacobsen golf course mowers, you will need to mow the large area of the golf course likewise, whether reel or rotary mowers are best for the smaller golf course.