Don’t Sleep on America’s Best Internet Service

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Since the beginning of 2020, we’ve become witness to a huge digital shift taking place. Most people are taking advantage of technological advancements and branching out in the tech industry. Some finally took the plunge and launched their businesses online, others went onto experiment with different digital platforms. Thanks to the internet, we no longer have to leave our comfort zone to achieve our daily goals. We’re only a single tap away from finishing our tasks. 

The market is full of new opportunities, but how do you decide which internet provider is the best for you? You will find many that offer a lot for a lot less money, but when the time comes, they’re unable to deliver what they promised. Xfinity is an internet service that is dedicated to providing safe and fast internet connectivity no matter what 

All You Need to Know About Xfinity Internet  

What happens when your internet connection slows down and barely gets any task done? Longer loading times and constant buffering is super infuriating at times. Most of our work is put on hold in case there’s no access to a fast internet connection. There’s no doubt that a solid internet connection is a necessity in current times. Without it, we can’t expect productivity and results. 

Xfinity is one of the most reliable and fastest internet service providers available in the US right now. Let’s dig into all the reasons why.

Xfinity Plans

Xfinity internet plans work for everyone. There’s something for everyone with the plans they offer. They offer a total of 7 internet plans that cost from $24 to $300, offering speed as high as 2000 Mbps. The best part about Xfinity is that you can bundle up TV and internet plans if you’re aiming to save a few bucks. 

It’s important to remember that people choose plans according to their needs and area, so if you’re looking for a plan in your region, chances are the price and plans might vary from region to region. For instance, a 60 Mbps plan doesn’t exist in the central region so it automatically offers the 100mbps plan. The price of the Performance Plus plan offering 60mbps is $39.99 in the west and the same plan is $77.95 in the Northeast. 

The difference is huge but Xfinity offers its subscribers to sign a contract or a 1-year agreement that keeps them from paying more each month. We know how a contractual commitment can be stressful with time, but you can always check out the no-contract options and pay a bit more if possible. Their no contract deals are a bit pricey comparatively but you always have an option to go for them and receive the full service nonetheless. 

Xfinity Download and Upload Speed

The best part about being an Xfinity subscriber is that you’ll have access to several options when it comes to speed. Whether you’re a basic internet user who can do time with 25 Mbps or a business owner who runs their whole business online, Xfinity has a plan for everyone. Let’s take a look at their plans and download speeds they offer.

  • Performance Starter 

Download speed: 25 Mbps

Upload speed: 2 Mbps

  • Performance Plus

Download speed: 60 Mbps

Upload speed: 5 Mbps

  • Performance Pro

Download speed: 200 Mbps 

Upload speed: 5 Mbps

  • Blast! Pro

Download speed: 300 Mbps

Upload speed: 5 Mbps

  • Extreme Pro

Download speed: 600 Mbps 

Upload speed: 15 Mbps

  • Gigabit

Download speed: 1000 Mbps

Upload speed: 35 Mbps

  • Gigabit Pro

Download speed: 2000 Mbps

Upload speed: 2000 Mbps 

Xfinity Data limit

Almost every plan Xfinity offers has an internet data limit of 1.2 TB which is fairly significant as it’s almost what CenturyLink and Cox offer to their subscribers. If you’re using the data to stream your Netflix shows, you might want to add more data to your chosen plan. However, extra data means extra expenditure. Xfinity offers unlimited data options as well to its subscribers.

Final words

In a world where having access to fast internet has become a necessity, it’s important to invest in internet providers that deliver what they promise. Xfinity is one of the top internet service providers in the US offering a fast, reliable, and stable internet connection. Opting for one of their plans might seal the deal for you!