Going Green and Its Impact on Your Small Business

A majority of Americans indicate that they are concerned about climate change, so it’s no surprise that consumers, with their increasing environmental consciousness, are interested in developing shopping practices that will positively impact the environment. Whether this includes increasing their recycling habits, purchasing eco-friendly products, boycotting GMO foods, supporting businesses that utilize sustainability practices, or attending events intended to clean up neighborhoods and develop green spaces, consumers have begun to show their commitment to businesses that care about the environment the way that they do.

As a result, it should not come as a shock to small business owners that taking an eco-conscious stance can be used as an effective business marketing strategy. Building a brand around socially responsible behavior can propel an otherwise mundane social media campaign into the limelight. Not only are consumer trends pointing to the favorability of green industry products, but expense savings, improved governmental relationships, and increased profitability are all potential outcomes of business outcomes for those who embrace green trends and promote an awareness of what they are doing to their industry influencers, social media followers, and loyal consumers.

Make your business part of the Green Trend.

Going green is a conscious decision for most businesses. While many companies may start out small with negligible changes to processes and practices, the main focus is turning a profit while minimizing adverse effects on the environment. Both small and large projects are often considered as part of a movement toward going green. These might include the choice to minimize or avoid the use of particular chemicals, to decrease the output of waste byproducts, or to reduce energy costs during mobile app development.

It could mean reducing emissions and pollution by controlling or changing delivery practices, changing the ways in which natural resources are used, or installing solar panels on the roof to reduce energy costs. Office and warehouse cleaning services may choose to use eco-friendly products or develop health conscious and organic products.  At the center of these decisions is the awareness that our planet’s natural resources are diminished, and “going green” meets finding reasonable ways to meet the demands of consumers today without compromising the need for those same resources tomorrow.

Business owners should remember that there are many programs that provide financing to businesses that wish to explore sustainability options. Business practices that produce more pollution and waste are not going to be overlooked anymore as consumers have begun to demand accountability for them. Green industry methods and materials are booming as shareholders increasingly seek them, investors look to back them,  and governments require them. As a business owner, embracing the green industry and using top Instagram tools makes sense for your company, no matter how large or small it is.

Institute some “going green” ideas for your small businesses.

There are many changes a small business can make in adopting the Green Trend. Use Magic Social to grow your business Instagram following and then let your consumers know about changes you intend to make. These might include turning to digital documents in lieu of traditional paper ones. You may want to develop a reward program for sustainability practices such as returning packaging materials for reuse or recycling. Institute a composting program in your storefront employee lunchroom or choose an eco-friendly food provider to minimize waste. Maybe your social media campaign can be boosted by an eco-conscious lifestyle blog, or convert your advertising strategies to socially responsible ones that minimize or completely eliminate the use of paper products. Let your consumers know about your company’s sponsorship of an environmental event where your employees are encouraged to participate or transform open spaces around your brick and mortar campus to green spaces that feature plants that attract butterflies or bees.

Use eco-innovations to target consumers and improve consumer trust.

Once you’ve made the decision to embrace eco-innovations, there are many things you can do to show your commitment to “going green.” Let consumers know what your company is doing by using hashtags that will grow your audience on social media sites. Tap into new and emerging markets that are being developed and stay ahead of environmental regulations. Positively impact your marketing strategy and develop consumer trust in an area where consumer demand and public opinions are clear. Remember that investors, too, are attracted to businesses that focus on sustainability, and promoting your business’ innovations will be easier if you’ve done your homework such as conduct in-house auditing of your energy use and areas where your business could improve its commitment to going green.