Hi-Tech Solutions for the Farming Sector

Technology has changed the way we live our lives, with digital devices and high-speed Internet, and the farming sector has benefitted in many ways. In this article, we will take a look at some hi-tech solutions that are used in farming in Australia, which is transforming the farming industry.

  • The Use of Drones – Drones can be used in many ways, and for farmers, drones can deliver pesticides and other application for protecting crops. A drone could be used by a farmer to locate his cattle herd, which could be anywhere on a large farm or ranch, and when an animal is lost, the drone can be sent to locate the creature. As drones become more efficient and lighter, the workload can be increased, and it might be possible to use drones to herd cattle, which is done today by either horse or helicopter on large ranches.
  • Solar Powered Fence Energisers – While farmers used to connect their electric fences to either the mains or a battery, you can now buy solar powered electric fences online, and these offer many benefits, including up to 25 days without a charge. If you search with Google, you will find an Australian company that has a wide range of solar power fence energisers that are designed for livestock confinement.
  • Solar Powered Irrigation – If you take a look at the farms in the Negev Desert in southern Israel, you would see that they all use solar power to operate their irrigation systems, and many Australian farmers do the same. This usually involves storing a small laptop inside a protective box, and the computer is also powered by the solar panel, and the software controls the irrigation and the dispersal of fertiliser.
  • Camera Traps – It is sometimes necessary to discover what is predating the livestock, which is where the camera trap comes into play. Simply set up the device on a path that you think predators are using, and any animal that moves in front of the camera, will cause it to take a photo. Once the farmer knows what he is dealing with, he is able to formulate a plan, and camera traps are a very good way to finding out which predators are taking the livestock.
  • GPS Locators – For farmers in extremely remote areas, it is possible to fit a GPS tag onto the leader of the herd, which enables you to locate the herd at any given time, and in some situations, this could be life-saving. Rangers tag species that are critically endangered and when scientists want to locate a tagged animal, GPS makes this a lot easier.