How do Different Types of Body Shaper for Women Work

How do different types of body shaper for women work

Are you considering a body shaper for women? A body shaper allows you to slim and tuck all the right places and makes you look fabulous. We all have favorite clothes in our wardrobes. The same should go for body shaper for women. Plus size body shaper, thong bodysuit and other types of body shapers use a tight and stretchy fabric that squeezes and smoothness all the lumps and rolls. It creates a slimmer physique. Body shaper for women also enhances your natural silhouette. 

Most celebrities use body shapers. It is a big business now that is estimated to grow to US$5,576 million by 2022. The industry produces waist trainers, arm shapers and many other types of shapewear. Let’s learn about the most common types of shapewear. 

Body shaper 

It is a kind of body shaper for women that helps sculpt your body contours. It specifically targets the torso areas including the hips, waist and tummy. Some bodysuits can also be extended to mid-high. The right body shaper hugs your entire midsection. Keep in mind that a body shaper of the wrong size can be too restrictive. However, you can avoid this problem with a body shaper having a panel that specifically pulls in your tummy. A body shaper is the best for bodycon dresses. Start with an affordable body shaper for women.

Open-Bust Bodysuit 

An open-bust bodysuit does not come with a built-in bra. You can pair it with bras or bralets for greater support. If you are a nursing mother then it is a great option for you. Open-bust bodysuit is suitable for people with bigger busts and dresses and V-neck tops. You can wear open-bust bodysuit underneath leggings, leather pants and other tight-fitting bottoms. Open-bust bodysuit is extended to the ankles. You can also wear an open-bust bodysuit with a figure-hugging jumpsuit. 

Deep-Plunge Bodysuit  

Deep-plunge body shaper is perfect to pair with dresses and deep V-neckline. You can also find a strapless design with an adhesive bra that sticks to your bust. If you want a piece with adhesive bra, purchase from a reputable brand so that it can last through multiple washes. You can wear it with dresses and tops with deep, plunging cleavage and neckline. 


The Victorian era funnel-shaped corsets have dramatically changed the beauty standards. Women in that era used to wear corsets constricting the torso. Breathlessness was a common problem and there was also a risk of organ damage. However, corsets have gone through great improvements and now we have two types of corsets that are much safer.  

The first type of corset wraps around your waist. It is also known as waist trainer/cincher/slimmer. The second type has a built-in bra. Corsets are perfect with jumpers, tops and blouses.

A corset of the right size not only tightens your tummy but also lifts your posture. You can smoothen your hips and achieve an enviable waistline. Many corsets come with adjustable convertible straps. So, you can wear them strapless as well.

Singlets and camis

While singlets and camis are not as effective as other types of body shaper for women, they are very comfortable and easy to wear. You don’t feel suffocated. Singlets and camis don’t have a structure that provides adequate compression. You can wear them with outfits made from silk and satin or other thinner and flowy materials. They even out your torso. You can adjust the level of support using adjustable straps. 


Though they conch your midsection, bodysuits can be very troublesome when nature calls. This is where you can use slips. Slips work like bodysuit but they are more comfortable and convenient. If you love wearing bodycon dresses, slips should be your top choice.   

High waist bottoms 

A high waist bottom can be made into a boxer, a brief or a thong. This kind of body shaper for women do the following three things: 

  • Snatch the thighs 
  • Tuck the tummy 
  • Cinch the waist     

You can rock mini skirts and high waisted-shorts with high waist bottoms. They are functional and also add a sex appeal. 


You can wear tights under short dresses or pants. Tights also get your glorious gams in shape. They give all-round compression and also keep your waistline in check. You get all the comfort and support you need. Ditch the sock as they have shaped heels. Wear them with booty shirts and mini shirts to elevate your overall look. 

Arm Shapers 

Gym-goers love to flaunt their bicep and tricep curls. What about those stubborn excess underarm flab? You can get rid of them with arm shapers. Arm shapers also provide protection against harmful UV rays.