How to Build Your Own Backyard Deck

If your backyard is lacking some personality (and lacking some people–why are they all inside? It’s gorgeous out there!) then you might want to consider building your own backyard deck. Decks are the perfect place to relax, host a party, and enjoy the beauty of your backyard from a comfortable perch. If you’ve always wanted one, but didn’t want to spend the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a contractor, then you’re in luck–a simple deck is easy to build yourself, and it’s inexpensive.

We love backyard decks so much, we’ve put together a list just for you–so you can start building your own. With supplies from your local home improvement store in Lyndhurst, Eastlake, and Greater Cleveland (or you know, wherever you live) you can start putting together a gorgeous deck for very little money.

Make a Game Plan
To start, what do you want your deck to look like? How big do you want it to be? How tall? Knowing what you’re going for (round, with railings, cement, wood, etc.) will help you write up a list of materials and start making measurements. Your type of deck will likely be determined by the space you already have. Come up with a plan, and then do some serious math. Once you know what you want, and what you need to built it, you can get started.

Lay the Groundwork

The most important part of any project is its foundation, and your deck is no exception. You’ll want to clear the area of any rocks and debris, and then start installing your deck supports. You might use deck piers, or pour ready-mix concrete, but it’s important at this stage to measure obsessively. Your deck has to be level to work.

Prep Your Material
Once you have your foundation laid, you can start getting ready to build. You can purchase your wood, measure twice and cut once, and water seal the bottom of your deck planks. Making sure your deck is ready to be pieced together, and ready to survive the elements, is important at this stage.

Build It

Once your material is ready, you can get to work. Don’t stop measuring obsessively and following your plan meticulously. Lay your boards and drill them in. You can use tile spacers to ensure evenness. You’ll also want to add trim or end-caps to your deck to make it look professional and complete.


Once your deck is built, it’s time to paint or stain it. A white deck lends a different look to your backyard than rustic mahogany, and you can control the aesthetic of your deck the most with these finishing touches. Once it’s painted or stained to your liking, you can cover it in furniture, lights, and anything else you want sitting on your deck. From wasted backyard space to a perfect haven, you’ve taken your deck from start to finish. The perfect place to relax, you can enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.