How to Make Our Planet Happy

Earth: a beautiful landscape of gorgeous mountains and endless plains. With glorious glaciers, fascinating jungles, and clear blue oceans, our planet embodies beauty and wonder. So what if we told you that it all could be gone in a matter of a few hundred years? Our planet is dying. The air we breathe is too full of CO2 and our oceans are clogged with man-made items. If we continue our current path, we will be eating away at resources that have sustained the earth for millions of years. The survival of the human race directly correlates to the survival of our planet. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone on Earth has the ability and responsibility to help make our planet happy again. Even small contributions can go a long way, especially when we all join together. You may not run a giant corporation, but you do run your own lifestyle. Choose more eco-friendly options whenever you can — recycle, try purchasing and using less plastic, leave the water running less time when you brush your teeth at night. These small steps will go a long way in our effort to bring the glory of the earth back up to its full potential.

Global Impact and Me

Chances are you have heard the phrases “global warming” and “climate change” before. But how do each of those issues actually affect you? Actually, in more unexpected ways than you think. For example, if you enjoy a coffee every morning and a beer every night, you may be in for a rude awakening. Coffee beans grow in forests that are continuously being cut down and you can hardly expect to brew a good keg of beer with overly polluted water.

Even though losing your ability to take a nice coffee break may seem detrimental, there are even bigger problems at hand. Global warming’s effects already are far-reaching and will only invade our lives further in the next decades. In the next century, our sea levels could raise up to 23 inches, enough to flood some major cities around the world like Venice and Miami. Natural disasters will become more frequent and powerful. Plus, some of our most beloved animals, such as polar bears, could lose their habitat and their species’ existence.

Our wildlife and our vast array of ecosystems make our planet unique and beautiful. Humans are the only creatures with the ability to make a change. The polar bears can’t call up their personal injury attorney and file a claim against humanity. They can’t advocate for themselves, so in order to preserve the animals and environments with whom we share the world, it’s our turn to step up.

Switch to Organic

The untold consequences of conventional farming that uses pesticides and genetically-modified seeds are staggering. The negative impacts on our health as well as the harmful environmental impacts continues to mount.

One thing everyone can do to change this trend is to purchase organic products whenever possible. Organic produce and other products are grown without pesticides or herbicides, so it’s a natural and sustainable alternative. But “organic” isn’t just restricted to foods. Conventionally grown cotton is still harmful to the environment. And now, there are many organic apparel manufacturers you can support.

Most commercial mattresses on the market are toxic to humans and to the planet. Thankfully, there are a handful of organic mattress brands that use only GOTS-certified organic cotton, latex, and wool to create a comfortable, chemical-free, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly mattress.

Cleaner Energy, Cleaner Air

One of the major causes of climate change is the insane amount of pollution that goes into our air. Pollution is defined as a process of making anything from the air to the land unclean and not suitable for humans to exist within. Whether in the air, water, or on land, pollution cuts away from our natural resources and causes serious sickness and even death.

Pollution in our air constantly effects us because we are breathing in toxic chemicals all day. Carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, easily gets trapped within the earth’s atmosphere and causes global warming. While humans breathe out carbon dioxide naturally, machines, cars, and factories release a large amount as well; this where it becomes unhealthy.

Obviously, we cannot change the biological functions involved in breathing, but companies worldwide are making great efforts to lower their carbon emissions. A lot of this has to do with cleaner energy. For years, we have relied on burning petroleum and other materials that emit carbon. However, through new energy sources such as solar and wind power, we are powering the world in less harmful ways.

And there is plenty for you to do as well! You may be someone who spends a lot of time driving from place to place. Rather than filling your car with regular diesel, try something like SeQuential Biodiesel. New eco-friendly options are useful in cutting carbon emissions down. Fueling your car efficiently and in a healthier way for the environment can make a big impact whether you are traveling near or far. You can even go on your road trip and have your experiences in Vicksburg, Mississippi without feeling guilty about the gas you will use along the way.


Air pollution is a big concern, but we shouldn’t only be worried about the air we breathe. What about the land that we build our lives on? We as a human race produce so much trash (approximately 90,000 lbs per 150 lb adult) that we may soon run out of places to put it. Our landfills are already overcrowded, not to mention the trash that finds its way into our oceans and other ecosystems. The trouble with trash being piled up underground is that most of what we throw away will never decompose. The products we so proudly create end up rotting away under the ground and taking up precious space. This is why recycling is so important.

Recycling is a straightforward way to contribute to saving the planet. Rather than throwing everything out, you can give certain papers, glasses, or plastics a second life. Think of your most recent trip to the grocery store. How many items that you purchased came wrapped in plastic or cardboard? Probably most of them. And how many paper or plastic bags did you use just to bring your groceries to the car? Our world revolves around plastic packaging and paper waste. Throwing your pizza box in the recycling bin or bringing reusable cloth bags for your shopping are awesome first steps.

Recycling doesn’t have to start and end with simply sorting your trash. You also have opportunities to purchase reused or recycled products. In a world where recycling is becoming increasingly popular, it is easier than ever to find recycled products. Maybe when you buy your next school notebook or even the next case for your iPhone, you can find one that was made from recycled materials. Many products can be made from recycled materials; it just takes a little research for your purchase to make a difference. It is cool to see your recycling efforts come full circle.

Small Changes to Your Lifestyle

Many of these lifestyle changes require you to break bad habits, but the impact you will create on the earth will be lasting. Challenge yourself to adjust some small activities within your life. If you live near a coworker, try to carpool to work and save gas. If you are a smoker, maybe try finding some great ejuice for a vape and keep the air a little cleaner. If you only purchase a few items at the drugstore, maybe carry them to your car without a plastic bag. Adjust your mindset so you stop making unnecessarily wasteful choices. Even small acts can help make the earth happy again.