How to Pick a Hair Color That Matches Your Skin Tone

You take great care of your skin, using high-quality products daily such as those made by industry leader Nu Skin. Because of the effort you put into your healthy, glowing skin, you want to make sure to show it off and looks its best. Your clothing and hair color can all compliment your skin color. Even with all your care, you can’t change your skin tone with a product like Nu Skin, but you can change your hair color! If you’re planning to dye your hair, consider these tips for picking a color that looks great with your skin tone.

1. Look in the Mirror

First, study the skin tones in your face. Remove your makeup and take out a mirror, and examine the colors that you see in your face. Do you have cool-toned skin? You might see some pink, blue, and olive tones. What about warm-toned skin? You might catch some yellow, orange, or gold. Or maybe you have a more neutral tone, with some combo of these or other muted colors. Look at your eye color for inspiration too—if you have brown eyes with specks of gold or other colors, you probably have warm undertones. Blues and greens are typically cool.

2. Check Your Wrist

Did you know your wrist is a great spot to check your skin undertones? You’ll see all kinds of colors there. Start with your veins: people with cool skin tones have blue or purple veins, while people with warm tones have green veins.

3. Get Inspiration

Next, find a celebrity or social media influencer who has a skin tone and eye color that matches yours. Celebrities usually have a team of professionals perfecting their look, and some fashion or style influencers have a great natural talent for, well, looking great. Look through their pictures to get an idea of what hair colors would look great on you, and maybe pick a specific picture to take to your stylist.

4. Match Skin Tones to Hair Colors

Once you have a good idea of whether your skin tone is warm or cool as well as the different colors in your skin and eyes, it’s time to start looking for a new hair color. Pull out your celebrity photos from the previous step, and consider these guidelines: 

Cool Skin Tones

If you have fair skin with cool tones, pick a hair color that brings out the red in your skin. Hair tones that will look flattering on cool, pale skin include golden blondes, warm reds, and neutral browns. For darker complexions, try cool red browns and rich blacks.

Warm Skin Tones

For warmer skin, you want to find a hair color that makes your skin look healthy and natural. Do this by bringing in cool, reddish, and ashy tones, such as rich or cool beige browns, golden copper, or strawberry-blonde hues. Mahogany and copper look great on darker skin.

Follow these tips to discover your skin tones and match them to your hair color. Once you have an idea of the color, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your hairstylist and trusted friends. And to keep your whole look on point, make sure to keep up your skin care routine with quality products, such as those from Nu Skin, to help you look your best!