How To Purchase Real Estate With Credit Cards

Savvy and creative real estate investor Brandon Elliott successfully purchased and remodeled numerous multifamilies by leveraging credit cards. There are many benefits of using credit cards, and with the right ones, you can even make money off of them or go on your next dream vacation for free. 

About Brandon Elliott

Top 100 in Finance of 2020, Brandon is a leading authority in real estate and credit. He is experienced and has proven results utilizing credit to invest in real estate and implement the “BRRRR Strategy.” Brandon owns several thriving businesses that include real estate, credit repair, tradelines company, Walmart Automation Stores, and private mentorships with high profile students like former NFL player Dean Rogers, Terry Thayer, and Nick Perry. Being financially free and witnessing the abundance of opportunities that both credit and real estate have given him. Brandon is passionate about helping others do the same, leading him to host a weekly podcast: “Ready. Set. Go. REI,” sharing how to invest in real estate successfully with little to no money in various strategic ways. For example, during the pandemic, Brandon liquidated $200K from credit cards as a safety net to purchase a 4-Plex in San Diego, CA, just 5 minutes walking distance to Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo. 

  • Promotional 0% Interest Cash Advance

A lucrative method that Brandon was able to purchase properties is by taking advantage of promotional 0% interest cash advances. These promos are often found through mail sent to you by banks; however, a faster way to get these deals is by simply calling your bank and asking for any 0% interest cash advances available. 

  • Manufacture Spending

Manufacture spending, also known as MS, is a savvy technique to earn extra points converted to large sums of cash. With manufacture spending, it can also be used to purchase properties, and to do so; you will want to utilize a business credit card that doesn’t show up under your credit profile or a 0% percent interest credit card acknowledging that you will keep a higher balance than normal for the duration of the promotional offer whether its 6/12/15/18/22 months at 0% interest. This allows you to make the minimum payments, usually between 1 and 3 percent of your balance each month during the promo terms. By leveraging the MS technique of purchasing gift cards and liquidating into money orders rather than having the money orders in your bank account, you no longer need to directly pay off your credit card because it will be on the promotional 0% offer or reporting to business credit only, which will not affect your credit profile. In addition, if you MS correctly, this will buy you more time and give you access to the cash you need to purchase any properties or renovations necessary. 

  • Plastiq

Plastiq is a great platform that helps you pay anything and everything with credit cards by giving the receiver various payment forms like a check or wire. So even though there are fees to utilize Plastiq, you can offset these fees by using the right credit cards, which may make you money. 


There are several methods to get creative and purchase properties with credit versus traditional financing or cash. Above are just a few different techniques that Brandon has personally used, which helped him get started and build his portfolio. 

To learn more about leveraging or building credit and improving your score, reach out to Brandon: 

Text “Credit” to (609) 231-9018