I Took CBD Oil for 15 Days Properly – Here’s Why I Can’t Stop Now!

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The unprecedented boom of the cannabis industry is causing a stir. From seasoned weed lovers to former skeptics, everyone wants to try the non-intoxicating psychoactive known as CBD. More than a trend, this cannabinoid is proving to be an emerging superstar in the health industry, with people using this compound for their physical and health issues. 

Still, it is hard not to raise an eyebrow at all this hype, especially when trends come and go so fast, we barely have time to get on board. As a former skeptic, I had my reservations about CBD-infused products and their effect on my mental and physical health, but after using this product for 15 days straight, I have a lot to say.


The science behind this cannabinoid

The Cannabis sativa plant species holds over a hundred cannabinoids. There is the intoxicating psychoactive delta-8-THC and the more popular delta-9-THC. These two are popular because they deliver those euphoric effects many users are after. The Cannabis sativa plant species also houses CBD, a cannabinoid with a list of benefits that does not make you high.

Its lack of THC is CBD’s biggest highlight. Some cannabis users, including myself, prefer not to take compounds that make us high as we often become more anxious and paranoid. After my first CBD dose, I learned CBD worked similar to an eraser rather than adding to an already overloaded mind. It removed many of the negative thoughts and emotions caused by my chronic stress and anxiety

The science behind CBD’s effectiveness is limited, but early studies back up its health benefits. Researchers have learned that this cannabinoid works through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS controls critical functions in the body, such as appetite, mood, fertility, and temperature. It has its receptors moving through the mind and body, implementing change when necessary to keep the body in a constant state of homeostasis.

CBD triggers change by signaling to the ECS’s receptors. In doing so, this cannabinoid can balance hormones, trigger the production of essential neurotransmitters, work as an anti-inflammatory agent, and the list goes on. 

After taking CBD oil for 15 days, these are the reasons why I can’t stop.

Overwhelmed by anxiety and panic attacks, chronically stressed, and consumed by muscle pain because of chronic tension, I knew I was at my breaking point. It’s not as if I was bed-bound because of my mental issues. I would describe myself as high-functioning, but every day, it was hard to enjoy anything because the constant narrative in my mind made life feel like a living hell.

As a former skeptic, I was wary of CBD oil until I learned there was no risk of an overdose or increase in paranoia. I could have chosen a vast range of CBD-infused products. The market is booming with everything from CBD oil to help you fall asleep, skincare products to appease skin issues, and vape liquids for those looking to quit their cigarette addiction. 


I opted for CBD oil as I could take it sublingually for my bloodstream to absorb it fast. This was an essential point for someone looking to avoid a panic attack during an intense workday or a social event. Truthfully, the taste isn’t pleasant, but the taste isn’t a priority during an emergency. On those days when I was feeling calmer, I would put a drop of CBD oil in my salad dressing or smoothie to avoid its bitter taste.

Tasting buds aside, taking CBD oil for the past 15 days has been life-changing. I went from feeling bogged down to having my mind wiped clean temporarily. As a result, I can think more clearly and focus on delivering better work. With CBD oil appeasing my chronic stress and anxiety, I noticed I didn’t turn to food for comfort. I ate less and even experienced serene lunch breaks without my mind coming up with worst-case scenarios every five minutes.


It was easier to focus once my muscle pain subsided. All those years of anxiety and stress had turned my muscles into rigid body parts. Even though I went to a massage regularly, it had become a habit to tighten my jaw and tense my shoulders. CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties helped ease my tension, and with its added energy-boosting properties, I have more reason to hit the gym now or at least head out for a walk. 


Although it has only been 15 days, I have noticed a remarkable shift in my mental and physical ailments. I don’t plan on taking CBD oil for the rest of my life. I don’t think it is the answer to all of my issues. Moreover, I am aware that I need to put in the work to get my life on track. What I do hope is that with the help of CBD oil, I can figure out what is causing my anxiety and face my fears with better judgment.