Maintaining the Value of Your Home

Your home is a big monetary investment, and can also take a lot of time to keep up. Is it worth all the work? Studies show that a well-maintained home increases in value. In many cases it can increase in the thousands of dollars. Certainly this fact is worth considering and changing the way your home is cared for, if necessary.

Fix it Fast

As any homeowner knows, a small problem can escalate to a major concern if it is allowed to continue. Making sure loose or missing shingles are replaced can prevent a water damaged ceiling; repairing a leaking pipe can prevent thousands of dollars of black mold growth and adding weatherstripping or caulking around doors or windows can prevent weather damage or expensive power bills. If you are not able to fix these things, or not even sure what needs to be done, look into the home maintenance solutions Dayton offers to do the work for you.

Upgrade and Update

Keeping your home current can help to maintain its value and one of the easiest and least expensive ways is to paint. Avoid trendy colors that will go out of style quickly and instead opt for longer lived neutral tones. You may want to replace contractor light fixtures with more current styles. Every ten years you may want to evaluate your flooring and replace carpets or refinish hard wood. The furniture styles are not as critical as they would not stay with a home when sold, so buy what your enjoy.

Curb Appeal

Having a yard and garden that is free of clutter and unsightly weeds can go a long way to maintaining your value but to increase it, make sure you have some attractive landscaping, possibly adding some curbing along the edges of gardens or around trees. Include some colorful plants around the walk and entry to add a welcoming touch and improve curb appeal.

Clean it Up

Nothing else you do will matter if the home is dirty. See that windows are clean, doors and walls are washed frequently to prevent grubby fingerprints from building up, and clean and degrease cabinets throughout the home and especially in the kitchen. Power washing the exterior, as well as the sidewalks and driveway can help keep them looking great as well.

Any effort you make in behalf of your home will improve its quality and add to its value. The greatest value of all, however, may be that of peace of mind – knowing that your home is a sound place for your family to be.