Things to Consider When Renting a Vacation Home

If you have a vacation coming up that’s at least a week, then you’ll probably want to rent a place that can keep you comfortable for the entire stay. However, you need to do plenty of research before picking a place so that you get your money’s worth. Here are a few things you should consider when renting a vacation home.

Contact information

As much as we want to believe landlords when they say that everything in the home works, there could be an element that they miscalculated or overlooked. The electricity may go out during a storm, or you may notice a small leak in the bathroom or basement that could get worse if not fixed right away.

You should keep a copy of your rental application so that you can contact the landlord about these issues and get them fixed. The landlords should also be easy to access if you have any questions about how the internet works or what restaurants they recommend.

Distance from attractions

One way that people can save money on their vacations is during their commutes. The closer the best attractions in the town are to your rental, the more money you’ll be able to avoid spending on taxis, buses, bike rentals and other sources of transportation. Looking at which rentals are close to the attractions on your to-do list is a priority.

If you’re visiting a major city, then it’s best to find a place that’s available in the city center. This puts you within walking distance from shopping centers, restaurants, and museums, unless there are specific sites you want to see. Those who have a vacation planned for the outdoors should find places to stay that are, at most, a short drive away from sites.

Noise levels

Whether you’re looking to party all week with your heady glass or get some rest that was once unattainable, staying in an area that rarely has any noise complaints is a smart move. Finding a rental in a quiet neighborhood allows you to regain the energy you need for your vacation activities and find some peace and quiet.

It helps to go over noise complaints and notoriously loud neighborhoods in the area with different landlords. Your choice should also be far enough from other areas so that you don’t have a hard time sleeping, but close enough so that you don’t have to spend too much time and money on commuting.


Vacations are an opportunity to have a good time no matter how many people you bring along for the break. Some of you may be solo travelers who want a quiet place to relax or get ahead on work, or couples looking for the perfect romantic getaway. Some locations are also suited for particular groups, such as families and friends.

Checking the number of rooms available in prospective rentals makes it easier to see which spots have enough space to keep everyone comfortable when you’re sleeping or having a game night. If you’re vacationing solo, then finding a smaller spot may be more suited for your needs.

Bringing pets

Whether you’re vacationing on your own or finding a place that is suited for the whole family or your group of friends, you (or someone in the group) may have a pet that they either love bringing with them or have to bring with them because they can’t find someone to take care of it. Some rentals are more friendly regarding pets in the home than others.

It’s important to ask landlords if they’ll let you bring cats, dogs, birds or other animals before you put any money down. It may require a long search, since allergies and the messes that animals leave behind are common reasons why some properties don’t allow them.