Tips for Building your Own Gaming PC

With the price of a state-of-the-art gaming PC close to $3,000, many avid gamers turn to DIY solutions in a bid to bring down the cost of a decent mid-range gaming PC. If you are scratching your head and are not interested in saving around $500-750, then buy a ready to use gaming PC, but it isn’t that difficult to build your own machine.

Here are a few tips from the PC building experts.

  • Go High Spec Every Time – The speed of IT hardware and software development is insane and if you’re going to invest in a gaming machine, you want one that will last at least 5 years. Today’s top specs will be average within a year and obsolete by three. Top view some of the best CPUs, check out, a leading Thai supplier of computer hardware components.
  • Invest Where it Matters – The core components regarding latency and performance include the CPU, the VGA card and the monitor and for the best VGA, take a look at Nvidia’s awesome GEOFORCE GTX Series, which all but eliminates delay, enabling you to play your best. Avoid new names, as you can only trust the performance figures and if you choose wisely, you will have a top-rated gaming PC that can handle the latest games in HD.
  • Read Independent Product Reviews – Before ordering that curved screen gaming monitor that’s as wide as the room, you should search out a few reviews from respected gamers, who are actually paid to play on selected computers to test hardware performance. Of course, Intel will say very good things about their processors, but the independent review is unbiased and that’s where you’ll find out the truth about any particular component. If you are entering the job market, here are a few tips on creating a dynamic resume, an essential aspect for every career-minded person.
  • Join Gaming Forums – Not only can you get some great hints on how to play, the serious gamers love to chat about PC hardware and joining a few forums will lead to a much better understanding of the hardware involved. Of course, building a PC means putting together a lot of separate components, therefore, compatibility is essential.
  • YouTube Videos – There would be literally hundreds of PC build videos on YouTube and you can watch and rewind at any time, checking that you have completed the previous tasks and know what comes next. You will need a large worksurface to put all the components into the PC case, good task lighting and the right tools and if you run your tablet at the same time, you can work and watch.
  • Interest-Free Payments – Such is the competitive nature of PC components, many suppliers do offer interest-free credit, which can spread the cost over a few months and that means you can go hi-end with your build.

Once you have done your research and have decided on your chosen configuration, search online for a supplier and order everything in a single bundle and get ready for a rewarding experience that will save you some money too.