Top 5 most commonly-replaced car parts

man repairing car

There are all sorts of expenses when owning a vehicle, but one of the larger price tags is associated with the cost of repairs and replacements. These are the top five most commonly replaced car parts with tips on how to know when it’s time to change them. 

The Car Battery

Perhaps the most common of al replacements, batteries inside of vehicles inevitably wear out. Vehicles work in tandem with this component, charging it as you drive, but you may notice that you need jump starts more often when its time to replace your battery. 

As the juice in your battery drains, you might notice system failures and performance decreases while driving. Make sure to check this component regularly for damaged cables, dirty terminals, and erosion from acid. Most batteries need replaced every 5-10 years. 

Exterior Lights

From your car’s tail lights to its brake lights and turn signals, each exterior light needs replaced over time. Unfortunately, most drivers remain unaware of when these parts stop working due to their location on the vehicle. 

Driving without functioning brake lights or turn signals is an accident waiting to happen. Even with a skilled accident attorney, you can still be held liable for any wrecks caused by your lights being out. The best way to avoid this is regular maintenance, but you can also have a friend check your lights while you’re inside the car. 


Your car’s brake rotors are another common replacement, wearing down from regular use. When you apply the brakes, friction from your brake pads creates heat. This causes your vehicle’s rotors to wear down over time. 

Grinding, squealing, or growling noises when applying brakes are common signs that it’s time to change your rotors. You might also notice a pulsing or slightly jarring sensation. When the damage is bad enough, your rotors might be visibly deteriorated or look rusty. 

The Windshield

Some vehicles go their entire lives without needing a windshield replacement. For most, however, debris from the road can lead to dings and cracks. While you can prevent some damage by regularly cleaning your windshield, there’s not much you can do about impact damage. 

If you do find yourself with a crack and need a quick fix until you can go to a repair shop, place clear tape over any cracks. This helps stop them from spreading. You should also try to keep the interior and exterior temperature of your windshield as close as possible for the same reason. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

There are two types of monitoring systems, indirect and direct. Indirect systems monitor tire rotation to tell drivers when one needs air, while direct systems use sensors inside the tire. When changing tires, both types of systems need hooked up again. Battery failure can also cause either to give faulty readings. 

Spark Plugs

When your spark plugs start wearing, they lead to all kinds of performance issues ranging from slow acceleration to ignition problems. Thankfully, this is an ease and inexpensive repair in most vehicles. Use your owner’s manual to locate these parts and check them for wear and tear.

From there, you can unscrew the plugs and clean the threads. If they’re beyond a simple cleaning, all you need to do is lubricate a new pair before installing them. Just make sure to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual and use a YouTube video or two for extra help.