What You Need To Look For When Hiring A Criminal Or Personal Injury Attorney

Finding the right legal representation can be life changing especially in the cases of needing a criminal law attorney or a lawyer that specializes in personal injury. Choosing the wrong lawyer can lead to you losing years of your life or reducing your quality of life due to lost wages and medical bills that have been incurred. The appropriate research needs to be done as this is not a decision that can be taken lightly. The following are what you need to look for when hiring legal representation for either a criminal or personal injury case.

A Reference From Another Legal Professional

The world of attorneys is not as large as you might think so having a friend or family member in the legal profession can be a huge advantage. Those who practice law understand which lawyers are proficient and which ones look out for their bank account more than their clients. Even calling a former lawyer for a divorce or bankruptcy can allow you to get the real answers on whether a lawyer will be of help or just there to collect payment.

Ask To See Trial Results

When looking into hiring a great personal injury law firm it is important to ask to see trial results. There are plenty of firms that do not like to go to trial as they might be inexperienced or simply are looking to settle. Firms that are not willing to show trial results should be looked at with caution as you want to get the best lawyer for the money. There are firms known simply for settling so insurance companies will offer them a lower settlement in hopes of closing a deal than they will with a firm that frequently goes to trial.

What Crimes Do They Usually Handle

Criminal lawyers differ immensely while some might handle cases like DUI others might handle only felony cases. Depending on what area of law the attorney usually handles it can be wise to get one that handles the specific trouble you are in. DUI for example has quite a bit of paperwork to get a hardship license and appeal to the DMV to reinstate your license. Lawyers working with the same prosecutor regularly could get you a better deal or even have the case thrown out as favors are done in the legal system.

Ask For Plea Bargains They Have Received

There could be a chance that you are charged with a crime that you have committed and there is reasonable evidence to convict. You do not want to go to trial in these cases as the punishment will be more severe than if you had accepted a plea deal. The best thing that your lawyer can do is get a case thrown out due to investigative discrepancies especially if there is proof. Be realistic and accept a plea deal that is within reason as a judge could sentence you to extra years behind bars simply due to having a terrible week.

Do as much research as you can before hiring legal representation as it could mean your livelihood or freedom.