What You Need When Filing a Personal Injury Case Against Another Party

One of the worst feelings int eh world is being injured due to no fault of your own. This can make you feel helpless and feel like the road back to being fully recovered is far too long. The most important thing that you can do is not get yourself down about the injury you have. Empower yourself and take action to file a personal injury case against the party that was at fault. This could be another driver, business with slippery floors, or owner of an aggressive dog that attacked you. The following are things you are going to need in order to make sure you win the case that you file.

The Right Legal Representation

Finding the right legal representation will put the pressure on the other party. Most of the time the law firm will be dealing with another attorney from an insurance company that represents the other party. Failure to hire a lawyer can lead the other side of the suit to lowball you with a settlement due to you not being able to represent yourself effectively if the case goes to trial. The lawyer can help with finding things like a medical expert witness or an expert in specific types of injuries. Lawyers do hundreds of cases a year so they have people that can help them that are just one quick call away.

Pictures of Accident Scene

Taking pictures of the accident scene needs to be done immediately in cases such as car accidents. One party moving their car can lead the officer that responds to the scene to make a judgment call on information that is not correct. Take pictures immediately with your smartphone or video so you can show that the other party moved their car after the accident. If it is a case of unsafe conditions in another business take pictures if possible before these are all of a sudden remedied as the business could be bracing for a lawsuit.

Documents Outlining Treatment/Rehab

Document all forms of medical treatment or rehabilitation that you receive. This will help make the judges job easier if the case goes to trial as they will know the exact amount of medical costs that have been incurred. This will also help confirm the presence of an injury and the attempt to recover. Things like days of work missed need to be documented as well as the judge could offer compensation for lost wages. Everything that can be documented should be as there is nothing better than a paper trail that helps your lawsuit.

Witness Statements

Witness statements are second most powerful to video or picture evidence. These can help you solidify a case and lead to a substantial settlement depending on what the judge think is appropriate. Take the names and information of witnesses so you legal team can follow up to get a statement from them. Most people are more than willing to help out if you approach them in the correct way.

Do the above things to help your case that is being filed. No documentation or witnesses can make your legal team’s job much hard so be proactive about gathering evidence in your favor!