Why Business Owners Should Attend Public Speaking Events

When you are operating a business, there are going to be many skills you will need to harness if you want to succeed. From learning how to market your product or service to managing your finances, you will need to put a great deal of time and effort into many areas of your repertoire should you want to ensure that your business lasts. And one area you must invest in is public speaking.

Having the ability to speak at events and conferences and deliver a presentation is going to be essential if you truly want to succeed. Because speaking is such a powerful tool in helping to position you as a trusted expert within your industry, it is important that you invest some time in this endeavor. This is why it is highly advisable that you attend public speaking events so you can see how others in your field are using this approach to promote their message.

Where To Find Events

Our cities are brimming with athletic competitions, concerts and festivals. There are so many choices when one considers what they might do. Attending public speeches these days is not usually on the top of the “things to do” list for many people. That really isn’t surprising. “Public speaking can almost seem like an antiquated notion in this modern era” says Dan Smith of KeynoteSpeakers.info

The idea of attending the kind of event that has been common in human history since the power of speech was first developed seems outmoded and horribly dated. Additionally, public speaking has the reputation of being a boring event. People are often critical of public speakers and speeches, leading us to associate being an audience member with being tortured.

Benefits of Public Speaking Events

In reality, however, there are some very good reasons to take the time to attend speeches. Participating in public speaking as an audience member can be quite rewarding. Instead of eschewing public speaking as a dated activity of little relevance, we would be wise to embrace it more frequently and fervently.

One reason for this relates to a simple matter of civics. Many of the speeches presented regularly these days relate to governmental and community functions. Although cable television has found a great way to bring us television programs for entertainment, it has not translated quite as successfully in terms of providing civic information and perspective. 

Yes, there are options available on the dial, but not all such events are televised. And, actual attendance at these speeches can give one the opportunity for a meaningful interaction with the speakers and the other concerned citizens gathered. As it has for centuries, public speaking remains an integral part of the political process and for that reason alone, attendance at speeches is adequately warranted.

Speaking Is An Art

Additionally, attendance at public speeches provides an opportunity to observe a genuine art form. No one cocks an eyebrow at the person who attends an art exhibition or the unveiling of a sculpture. For some reason, however, there is a tendency to look at those who attend speeches with a bit of curiosity. However, it is really the same thing. Talented public speakers find a way to combine content with form in an impressive manner. “To argue that a speech is not art is no more persuasive than claiming a well-sung song is not artistic” says life coach Shane Smith of The Coaching Institute. “If a talented speaker happens to be in one’s area, it is perfectly reasonably to seek out their performance simply for the sake of marveling at its artistry.”

Learn By Example

There is also an opportunity to learn by example. Though many of us dread the prospect of being called upon to speak publicly, it seems as if the act is almost unavoidable. This holds true, particularly, for those who are in the business world. Although they may never be asked to address a filled auditorium, those who work in the corporate environment will undoubtedly be slated to give presentations or chats of some sort during their career. Attending a public speech gives one an opportunity to observe techniques and to learn new tricks and skills that can be used in their own presentations.

Finally, the very reason why some detest speech attendance is, in actuality, a reason to support the practice. Speaking does go back into our distant past. Our collective histories are the creation of a million speeches given by a million speakers. Attending speeches allows us to play a part in that ongoing history and to experience something unique to the human condition.

Although attendance at public speeches has been on the decline for some time, there are some very solid reasons for one to consider attendance at a presentation. One can be a better citizen, learn to appreciate the artistry of public speaking and find ways to improve their own presentation skills. Additionally, being in the audience is an opportunity to celebrate the human condition. Perhaps television and movie options may seem more entertaining at first glance, but a closer examination of public speaking demonstrates that speech attendance can certainly be a rewarding way to spend some of one’s time.