3 Simple But Effective Design Changes To Make In Your Home

If you’re tired of the same old design in your home, it might be time for you to make some changes. However, if you’re not financially prepared to do a whole redesign or redecoration of your home, you might feel like you’re stuck. Luckily, there are small but effective changes that you can make to your home decor and design that will make a big impact without having a big impact on your budget.

To help you learn just how this can be done, here are three simple but effective design changes to make in your home.

Breathe Some Life Into Your Window Treatments

In many homes, the windows are what bring light and life into your space. Because of this, you should give them the attention they deserve and make sure that your window treatments really resonate with you. A solid window treatment done in many kinds of ways can really help to breathe some new life into your space, especially if you have a lot of windows that you’re working with.

First, you may want to consider getting some new blinds, especially if the ones you’ve been using are old, builder-grade, or aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as you’d like. Then, you should consider getting curtains or drapes that frame your window in a style that really represents your home and family. You can do with a bright color, an interesting texture, or something sheer that allows all possible light into the space. Your drapes and curtains will take up a lot of real estate in your home, so make sure you really think about how they add to your space.

Add Some Faux Built-Ins

When buying a house, custom built-ins are going to really increase the home’s value because so many people understand the functionality of a feature like this. However, in older homes, built-ins may not have been utilized. But regardless of the age of your home, if you don’t have the built-ins you want, you can always add faux built-ins.

To make this as simple as possible, you’ll likely just want to put together a lot of bookcases that reach from floor to ceiling and are painted the same color as your walls. This way, the unit appears that it was built into the house and the design of the unit blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home, giving you space for all kinds for extra storage and displays.

Rearrange Your Furniture

The simple act of rearranging your furniture can also make a big impact on the look and feel of your space. Especially if you take some pieces from other rooms and introduce them into different spaces in your home, you can get a beautiful and eclectic look without having to spend a dime. This can help you use your space in a whole new way and get a brand new mood when you enter the room.

If your home could use a few design changes to freshen up the space, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above to help you find ways to simply and easily make this happen for you.