3 Tips For Hiring Someone To Help With Administrative Tasks For Your Business


If you run your own business and are needing some help with the administrative side of things, hiring someone to help you with this aspect of your business can be extremely beneficial. However, if you don’t hire the right person, what’s supposed to be helping make your job easier could wind up making your life a whole lot harder.

To help ensure that this isn’t the case for your organization, here are three tips for hiring someone to help with administrative tasks for your business. 

Decide Between Full-Time And Freelance

One of the first things that you need to decide when you’re seeking to hire someone to help you with administrative tasks at work is if you want someone to be there full-time or if you’d rather than someone freelance for you.

Depending on how much work you think is available for them, you may prefer to have someone working freelance so that you only need to pay them for the work they’re doing rather than paying for the entire day, whether they have a lot of work to do or not. Additionally, you may be able to get someone that’s a bit more specialized in one area of administration when freelancing if that’s what you need, like you need extra focus on bookkeeping rather than scheduling. So  before you put out a job posting, make sure you determine if you want someone full-time, part-time, or that works on a freelancing basis. 

Make Job Duties Clear

As you’re thinking about the job posting that you’ll put out for your administrative help, you’ll want to think long and hard about the actual tasks that you’re going to ask of the person you hire. This will help to ensure that you hire someone who can confidently do all of the work that you’re requiring. 

Along with knowing the tasks that you want done for your company, you should also consider the traits and skills that you want someone to have when working for your company. This could include things like having attention to detail, being a good communicator, having an outgoing personality, being able to work quickly, and more. When you state that these things are important to you in the job posting, it should help weed out people who don’t fall into these categories. 

Trust Your Instincts While Interviewing

Once you have a few people that you’re going to be interviewing for your administrative position, you’ll want to take your time during the interview process so make sure that you find someone that’s going to be a good fit with you and your organization. 

As you’re speaking with and meeting people during the interview process, trust your instincts about if someone would be a good match or if there’s something that might be missing. If you question their ability to do the job you’re needing or if they’d fit well with you in their administrative role, it might be best to keep looking for the right fit. 

If you’re needing to hire someone to help with administrative tasks for your organization, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find the right candidate to hire.