Advancements in Technology – How does it Affect Us?

With the technological advancements that have been achieved during the last 5 years, countries have been integrating that new technology into their education systems, military systems and management systems. Many parts of the world had changed their systems to advance in technology to gain the upper hand against others. 


With the Military modernizing its systems, countries like the United States of America have been beefing up their cyber security systems to battle the constant war of cyber attacks.making it much safer for the intel that America’s troops depend on safely. With the reality of AI aid troops the world will take the next step in the world of warfare


Education has fully embraced the advancements of technology, with many making online courses for students to day within the comfort of their homes. With online courses many people are taking advantage of cost effective learning that they achieve online. Many people who take online courses can choose what they want to take and when to take them. Making the liberty of trying new fields easier and less expensive. Making education much more accessible to the whole country.


Management has also taken advantage of the technological advances by making it easier to track the movements of assets and money. The use of technology is making it easier to produce more products that in turn raise much more of the net sales. The use of advanced technology is so apparent that most of all industries are fully adopting the self automated machines to create a more efficient asset to the company.

With these changes in management, warfare and education the world will change. The traditional way will be replaced with the modern. Creating a more advanced world, while embracing technology. Making a more prosperous world and a more streamlined one.

Is technology both our savior and our doom? Only time will tell!