Reaching Wider Audience for Your Business through Online Presence

As business owner, your main goal is to increase sales – and to be able to achieve this, you should target more potential customers. Well, the World Wide Web is the perfect venue to help you achieve this. In this article, we will share some tips on how to start a website for your business and some advantages to enjoy for having strong online presence.

Going online

Some business owners are still hesitant about going online thinking that it is a complicated process and an expensive. Well, going online is neither complicated nor expensive. You can easily start a website on your own and the best part is that you do not need big capital to start. Here are some guidelines on how to start:

  1. Choose a domain name – it is very important to choose a good domain name that will help you brand your business. You should choose a name that is easy to remember and spell. You do not want online users to have a hard time finding your site. You should also choose the proper extension. If you are planning to market to specific region then you can focus on it like choosing sg domain if you are planning to market in Singapore. If you wish your website to be more general then you can go for the most popular choice which is .com or .net. 
  2. Have a reliable hosting site – next, you should find a reliable hosting site that will host your domain. It should be fast and has very minimal downtime rate. You want your site to be always up and running especially during peak hours.
  3. Use appropriate theme and template – appearance of your website is also important so make sure to choose a theme or template that is appropriate to your niche. Do not go overboard with graphics because it can make your site look messy
  4. Publish high quality content – if you are selling products then be sure to provide high quality actual images as well as detailed description about the product. This will help users to know if it is something that they are looking for. It would also be helpful to provide a step by step guide on how to order on your website.
  5. Take advantage of social media – lastly, you should take advantage of social media by creating official social media channels to promote your products and services further and also to reach out to your audience.


Having strong online presence through your official website and social media indeed have many advantages. Here are some:

First of all, you get to widen your reach in terms of your target audience. You will be able to expand from your neighbourhood to national level or even international. 

And once you have wider reach, you will be able increase popularity and eventually sales. 

The best part is that you can achieve all these advantages without having to spend a lot of money. 

So if you are running a start-up business, it is highly recommendable to consider starting a website and official social media channels.