Best Ways to Decorate College Dorm Rooms

Whether it’s freshman year or senior year, it’s essential that college students have a dorm room decorated to look fun and unique. This not only gives you the chance to share ideas with your roommates and flex your creative muscles, but it also provides you with a welcoming place to retreat to after dealing with a day full of classes and exams.

You have a variety of ways to give your room a presence that is calm and peaceful when you need a place to study and relax, as well as have fun when your friends stop by. Here are a few tips to help you decorate your college dorm room.

Display canvas prints

If you want your room to stand out from others that have drawings and paintings hanging up on the walls, you can always show off canvas prints of some of the best photos you’ve taken. You and your roommates can pick which walls to show off the prints, as well as take pictures with each other if you run out of ideas.

Plenty of canvas prints that can showcase memorable moments that you had with your friends and family. We recommend finding a service that can change the colors and shading of parts of the final project to make the image look unique.

Hanging light-up signs

Sometimes, you don’t need images to show off your personality or add color to your dorm room. One good alternative is light-up signs, which you can modify to light up in different colors to add life to a plain setting. You can decide on a variety of words and phrases you can use to make guests feel welcome or try to guess their meaning.

You could have the sign say, “Hello,” “Smile,” or other simple words, or find a combination of words and numbers to get other people interested in what they represent. Hanging the signs at different elevations can change up the lighting in the room.

Filling shelves

Shelves are helpful for more than just keeping your textbooks and other school material you need to get assignments done and ace your tests. With the right placements and color, they can be fun to look at and serve as a reliable spot for keeping things you need for a fun time.

We recommend saving different parts of the shelves for particular items, such as your favorite books, photo collections with friends and family back at home, party items for nights out with your roommates, and diaries for writing down your thoughts. Spacing these sections out will provide a unique look and areas for future storage.

Arranging beds

As much as beds provide comfort for sleep and hanging out watching TV or YouTube, they can make it hard to move around in door rooms if they are placed in the wrong spots. To solve this, you can position beds together or in different corners so that everyone has space to get work done or hang out.

One creative way to do this is positioning beds to create a bunk-bed situation. This frees you up for room to set up a TV for video game tournaments, as well as give you and your roommates a fun sleeping situation.

Using different furniture

Some of us have gotten used to sitting on our beds when you try to work on a paper or watching videos online. However, certain pieces of furniture are better suited for particular situations, so you should add a variety of cushions and chairs to your room to make these situations easier to deal with.

Butterfly chairs can come in handy for when you want to read a book while your roommates are out, and bean bag couches can be suited for when you have people on the floor over for movie marathons. Keeping these options in different parts of the room provides room to walk around and a photo-worthy setting.

Creating space for games

One worry that college students often have is whether or not their guests will have fun when they come over for parties, game night or other events. You can solve this problem by creating space in your dorm room that provides something for people to do, no matter how long they’re staying.

Options for games include pingpong tables and set ups for playing video games. The table can also come in handy for beer games for Friday nights, as long as no one has any classes on the weekends. Spacing these items can be done on the weekends so that you can still get around your room during the week.

Give these options a shot so that people know that your dorm room is a fun place.