Business Issues That Can Result In Lawsuits or Criminal Charges

Running a business can be stressful, to say the least even when there are no glaring issues that are abundant. Business issues usually do not come out of thin air as they usually compound over time to become larger problems. There are problems that can lead to lawsuits and even more serious problems that can lead to criminal charges being brought upon leadership at a company. Managing problems early is important to avoid larger issues. The following are issues that businesses can face that can result in a lawsuit or even a USA crime charge.

Harassment In The Office

Fostering a culture of bullying or harassment can lead to lawsuits. The last thing that anyone wants is a former employee suing the company due to problems that shouldn’t exist in the workplace. This can be an issue at a large corporation or even a small business. Company culture starts at the top and the HR professional you hire should understand various laws on harassment/bullying. Writing up people for harassment is important to set the example that it will never be tolerated. 

Failing To Pay Company Taxes

The last thing anyone wants to do is to owe money to the IRS or purposefully evade taxes. Leadership at a company can have federal charges brought against them if it is a very egregious offense. Make sure that all business partners are checked out before entering into any type of business arrangement. You might find that a person tends to watch a company crash and burn to leave others to clean up the mess. You will need a federal attorney if criminal charges are filed. One thing to note is that federal cases are different than state cases and have different procedures. Federal charges can be quite serious and are not something you should try to defend yourself. You could be facing prison time if you do not hire the right attorney with trial experience. 

Beer Friday Leading To A Car Accident 

There is a new trend where startups and other small companies offer beer in the office. This can be on a Friday as a reward for a great week of work or can be viewed as a perk. The one issue with this is the company providing the beer can put the business in a sticky situation. Most people will watch how much they drink as they likely have to drive home. There are others that might have a drinking problem and there is nothing better than free beer. Liability can cripple a company if it is found that someone got drunk at work only to hurt or kill someone in an accident on their way home. 

Risk assessment professionals can be a huge help when it comes to finding all of the liabilities a business has. Create a list of potential problems that could arise along with a plan of action. This will take the guesswork out of what to do if the problems do arise. Having a playbook for common business issues can help keep business running smoothly.