Choosing the Best Dress for your Formal Events

There are a lot of stylish dresses you can choose from for your formal events but in your mind, you may be thinking that not all of these dresses may seem to be flattering you. You may be choosy because of a lot of factors. It could be because of body shape, the weather, the skin complexion or maybe you are thinking of what others may tell you if you are wearing something.

Let us read on the factors that seem to be of your great concern why you are not able to settle on which dress to wear on that special occasion.

  • Body Shape – Body shape would include rectangle shape, triangle shape/pear shape, hourglass shape, apple shape and round shape.

If you are someone with rectangular shape, you can wear sheath style dresses, or A-line style dresses. Having a rectangle shape is not really of a great concern when choosing which dress to wear as you can wear most of the styles. Sometimes, mermaid style dresses can also be chosen however this would emphasize your waist and hips.

The best style for triangle shape would be A-line dresses. Just like rectangular shape, this style would not emphasize your waist and hips though it will be a bit tight on the upper part of the body.

Having an hourglass shape, if you would like to show your curves, wear a mermaid or a trumpet style dress. These dresses will highlight your waist and hips or the so-called Coca-Cola shape.

Apple shape would be the opposite of triangle shape. The upper part is well-proportioned however the hips are narrowed. With this shape, you can wear A-line dresses and empire style dresses.

For someone with round shape, the midsection will be full. You may tend to be so much concerned about this part when wearing a dress hence it would be best to wear a shapewear which will give slimming effect then wear an empire style dress. You can also have a custom sized dress. You can go to a seamstress and have your own dress be tailored according to your measurements or if not, there are also online stores, such as JJ’s House, who offer this service.

  • Weather – The weather would have a very great impact in choosing the perfect dresses, may it be wedding dresses, evening gowns, formal dresses or any special occasion dresses.

With this, you can check the weather forecast for the said date to have any idea as to how cold or how hot the day would be. This would determine the type of fabric for the dress that you will be choosing.

For instance, if the weather is too hot, you can choose cotton or chiffon fabric as these fabrics would absorb sweat and will still make you feel relaxed. Satin, charmeuse and taffeta fabrics, on the other hand, would be too warm and will not absorb sweat which will make you feel irritated.

  • Skin Complexion – This could be either fair or dark. The fairer you are, the darker colored dresses would be better to look at; likewise, if you consider yourself having a dark complexion, it would be best to wear something that is light colored.

Conclusion: Be confident enough in choosing the best dress, as well as, wearing it. Don’t think too much on what others would say. You are you and they are them. Everyone is uniquely beautiful.