How to Choose a Dropshipping Company for Your E-commerce Business? A Review of Top 10 Websites

Dropshipping is a business model that has become immensely popular in recent times. By making use of dropshipping, sellers can make profits without actually ever stocking the products that they sell. Using this arbitrage model, a lot of companies have made money. Since the costs involved are very low and there is no requirement of storage space, this method proves to be beneficial in the long run economically. Dropshipping businesses have popped up around the world and are prevalent on various e-commerce platforms. Choosing the right dropshipping company is critical for any seller in order to make money using e-commerce. So here is a review of the top 10 websites which offer dropshipping company services:

  1. Salehoo

Salehoo markets itself as the number one dropshipping company. It presents the users with a detailed directory listing the companies which supply products for dropshipping. It has a number of filtering tools which can help in the identification of the appropriate products. Further, Salehoo offers a market research lab which can help in finding products which are more profitable and are likely to sell more. The use of market research can be a great way to choose the right dropshipping company whose products are in demand.

  1. Oberlo

The distinguishing feature provided by Oberlo is that it allows importing from AliExpress. This allows users the access to various suppliers on the AliExpress platform. Other key features include bulk ordering as well as faster shipping. Oberlo is also being offered as an embedded app within Shopify. Oberlo is one of the most popular websites offering products for dropshipping. By using the product catalogue provided by AliExpress, it becomes easier for any user to choose and work with the dropshipping company.

  1. Doba

Doba provides its users with an in-depth directory of dropshipping companies. The website also gives the users to pick random products to sell without having to partner with each company. Such a feature can be of great help in establishing the right product lines without losing control over the costs involved. Doba monitors the actual shipping process, cutting down the tedious process of dropshipper management. Doba eliminates the need for actually choosing the dropshipping company and helps in dealing with the customers directly.

  1. Dropship Direct

Dropship Direct offers more than 100,000 items from over 900 brands. Further, the website is free to use for basic members. The website offers a lot of options in terms of products and helps in simplification of the dropshipping process. Additionally, the website also allows its users to be free from contacting the actual dropshipper, since the user can demand the delivery of any product directly. This feature not only saves time but also gives more control to the user.

  1. Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale is a website that offers great options when it comes to the process of choosing the right dropshipper. The website provides access to over 15,000 brand products and ships them directly to the clients. Further, the website has an additional feature which allows syncing with platforms such as Big Commerce and Shopify. The website even allows its users to export the products, hence widening the potential target region for the seller and ultimately leading to more revenues.

  1. World Wide Brands

World Wide Brands is another website operating in the dropshipping domain. The unique feature of this site is that each and every dropshipping company listed here is certified. Once the dropshipping company has been chosen using the available filters, they can be contacted via the websites simple yet intuitive interface. The product filters offered by this website also allow for choosing the right products and companies in an effective manner.

  1. Wholesale 2B

Wholesale 2B is a unique dropshipping directory which offers its users the access to over 1.5 million products. Although this website requires signing up, it does not charge for browsing the products in the database. Additionally, the website also helps in choosing the right products and companies by offering Dropship feeds. These feeds provide the users with a sophisticated data feed of products, allowing them to shortlist and select the ones which are higher on margins.

  1. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is another useful website which offers a list of dropshipping products and companies to choose from. It provides multiple filtering options for product lines such as electronics, clothing and leather goods. The website has a catalogue of more than 630,000 products to choose from. Additionally, there is a list of dropshippers to choose from, based on a number of filtering criteria which can be applied. Another advantage of this website is that there are no middlemen to deal with, as the users are redirected to the manufacturer’s website directly. The website is totally free to use, which is another big plus point.

  1. National Dropshippers

National Dropshippers claims to provide the quickest shipping speed amongst all the dropshipper websites. These speeds usually vary from one to three days – much quicker than that of the overall industry. Additionally, it has a great variety of products to choose from. There are more than 250,000 items that are listed on National Dropshippers. The site also provides the users with an option to export data, which can be useful in terms of the actual marketplace which will be used to sell the products. Finally, the website also offers users the ability to build their own website at a fixed price of just $199. This allows the user to have even more control over the dropshipping process.

  1. Investory Source

Investory Source is a unique dropshipping website that provides the users with advanced features. Firstly, the site has a “forever free” plan that can be used for smaller e-commerce based businesses. Further, the site offers around one million products from more than 100 suppliers. The site provides its users with a data feed which can be used to customise descriptions as well as the images of the products.  

11. Eprolo

EPROLO is a dropshipping platform providing order fulfillment to online stores. It supports Shopify, Woocommerce and eBay. With over 100 thousand users and growing, EPROLO itself has 300 thousand products and available to source from AliExpress. The warehouses in China and overseas make quality control, fast shipping and custom package possible. In addition, the platform has developed a print on demand app. Both EPROLO and its app are free to use.

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