Chris Bentley’s Key Tips For All New Upcoming Realtors

Starting a career in real estate as an agent can be scary, exciting, and stressful at the same time. However, you have nothing to worry about as you embark on your new journey. 

This article will help you break through the real estate world and succeed. Chris D. Bentley is one of the realtors from Dallas who has made tremendous strides in the space. 

Here are a few tips he shares. 

  1. Obtain your real estate license

As an upcoming realtor, you need a license. A license is a permit that will legally allow you to sell, broker, or rent real estate to prospective buyers and tenants on behalf of a real estate brokerage. However, the requirements to have one may vary from state to state. 

Failing to acquire a license will mean that you cannot work as a real estate agent. But how can you obtain your license? First, you need to know your state’s real estate license application procedures. Also, ensure to pass the licensing exams. 

  1. Don’t go solo

In the past three decades, teams have become more common in real estate. Teams have become influential with the expansion of lead generation systems and strategies inside brokerages. 

Therefore, if you are new in the field, start by joining a team. Why? Because a team will put you close to others, making you gain knowledge and experience faster. You will learn and master the ins and outs of the industry within a short period. Joining a team will also make lead generation easier. 

  1. Know the market

You cannot fight a blind battle. Endeavor to know your market. This step will give you confidence. Identify the trends that will guide your clients to successful outcomes. 

You need to understand what is selling and what’s not, how quickly they are selling, the interest rate trends, and more. 

Additionally, understanding the market will allow you to establish and evaluate the price of a listed property helping your seller and buyer clients make the correct decisions. 

  1. Get on social media.

Today, there are many social media platforms. Some include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Through these platforms, you can give your audience the business side of you. Also, you can show them your success and testimonials. Provide value and engagingly educate them.

  1. Learn the art of prospecting

Effective prospecting will always help you have a list of client listings as a new agent. It’s essential, therefore, to cultivate this art. If you only focus on your listings, you will soon run out of properties to sell. 

You can prospect by reaching potential clients through phone or face-to-face interactions. Though it might be hard, prospecting will lay a firm foundation for your career. 


The above tips by Chris D. Bentley will equip you to face the storms in the real estate industry. They will help you to scale faster and be ahead of the competition. 

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