Creating a Contemporary Glass Tile Backsplash

Creating a Contemporary Glass Tile Backsplash

If you are planning a new home or at that stage in homeownership where it is the moment to makeover a few parts, one of the simplest things to include in your house plan is a kitchen backsplash. Supplementing a backsplash to your pantry is a unique way to add freshness and personality to a place, create symmetry among different design details, and build an engaging focal spot within the room. Utilize our practical tips and layout ideas to design a new clear glass tile backsplash in your space.

1. Design

What sort of kitchen plan do you have? U-shape? Enclosed? L-Shape? Or Open Concept? Your backsplash design will be concluded based on your galley plan and wherever your tools are established. Once you assume your layout, you decide where you want to connect your brand-new backsplash. You can form an embellishing accent wall, or only fix it above your oven.

Keep in mind, your backsplash doesn’t have to work all the way up the surface. A more abbreviated backsplash is an all-embracing, budget-friendly approach to modernize your kitchen. If you have additional architectural specifications in the area, like the shelves, place the backsplash in tandem with that purpose. A tinted backsplash with glass subway tiles fits utterly between the frame and countertops. By settling on your plan early on, you can more efficiently plan for material elements as well.

2. Dimensions & Material Fundamentals

Introducing a kitchen glass tile backsplash can be a comparatively fast and easy method, so you need to make sure you have a suitable amount of corporeal on-site when the moment comes. Be sure to take your dimensions and add 10-15% as a cutting fee, depending on the type of design you have chosen upon. Be assured to also include material for any distinct patterns, nosing, and edge material you want to apply in the layout. Your installer should help you classify the amount of material you require, so being sure to make the most of it.

If you are a DIY-er, in addition to the glass mosaic tiles, you want to make sure you have all the required supplies, just a few cover:

  • Ditra
  • Mortar
  • Important Installation supplies
  • Grout: there are tons of colors, so be assured to adjust it with your tile for the desired appearance

3. Designs Ideas

Like knowing your kitchenette layout, you need to assume your kitchen’s overall style and format. Do you hold a style, and is it one you want to keep? You can utilize your backsplash to provide your room a more contemporary or rustic feel. Analyze whether your residence or kitchen has a unique theme?

For example, if you like the outdoors, wildflowers, plants, the lakefront…you might reconsider establishing a design, inlay, or coated clear glass tiles that address that. This also includes your pantry cabinets, deck, countertop, wall covering, and the tone and type of substance you will be utilizing for each. Without any doubt, it is very much imperative to maintain a perfect balance of color.

As with every remodeling idea, a proper plan helps you save funds, get the most suitable design, and a timeless appearance that you can relish for years to arrive.