® Has the Solutions for Your Email Marketing Campaigns® offers numerous marketing services, including mailing lists, sales leads, and email marketing. The company recommends that clients perform a regular clean-up of their database on a routine basis. It is, in some ways, similar to spring house cleaning in that it helps clear out unnecessary or unused data. To better maintain their files,® suggests that business owners and managers regularly run their files through NCOA database.

The company shares its insights and experiences openly with its clients through a series of blogs.® believes that the lessons and experiences that its team has encountered along the way may prove to be helpful business tips for others. In the company’s first blog, Tim Pinkerton, the Vice President of Sales, shares how he engages his sales team with various techniques that he utilizes to increase motivation and productivity.

The company offers advice on how to generate new sales leads using email marketing. The team explains how studies show that nearly 67% of email recipients open their mail on their mobile devices or tablets. Since the majority do not read their emails on their desktop, according to the study, marketing emails should be customized for the devices they use most. This, then, can provide a more targeted approach and a better overall user experience. The company further suggests that emails should provide the reader with educational advice or valuable solutions to problems that are relevant to their business. According to®, these are more effective than an email that offers a coupon, a code for a coupon, or promotional code enticement.® has innovative ideas on how to create a top performing email marketing campaign that will generate sales leads for businesses. For instance, the company suggests offering a free eBook in emails. This eBook could provide an informative look at your business offerings, news and insights on your industry, or any other topic that is of general interest to your customer. The goal is to engage the recipient enough that they’ll want to open and read your marketing materials.

Another technique is to alert the recipient about a free webinar or series of webinars that you are offering. Invite them to reserve their place at your webinar simply by responding to the email.® can provide all types of email solutions geared toward your industry, product, or service. The company helps business owners and professionals generate leads and traffic. The professionals at® also suggest an email marketing campaign that offers product samples. Your offering should be free of charge and without any obligation on the recipient’s part.

The company also has multiple solutions for mailing lists. There are millions of addresses in its database that are timely and accurate. The company website states that its mailing lists are 95% accurate.’s lists consist of consumers, homeowners, top executives and managers, small and large businesses, and more. They have accurate information on 245 million customers that has been triple verified. The company prides itself on providing its business customers with highly accurate data at affordable prices.