Guide for Beginners to Learn Reddit Ads

Reddit has been rated as one of the popular marketing platforms since 2005. Due to which it has been appealing to a wide range of mass audiences. In the year 2017, Reddit was ranked as the fourth most visited website in the US, and the 8th all over the world.

Despite this wide popularity of Reddit, it is still overlooked by people as a promising businesses marketing strategy. Though Reddit is not meant for everyone, but it will definitely prove advantageous for the right business.

Why Reddit?

Reddit is the largest online forum in the world and one of the alternatives to Google Ads. It is the major point of discussion for sub-culture groups spread all over the world. This page has to its credit millions of active users that actively participate and contribute towards various subreddit feeds.

Reddit is a good place for housing discussion and proves to be beneficial for any business. Businesses that are not tapping its potential is missing out a lot on marketing opportunities that includes wider engagement and superior quality customers.

Who are the contenders to benefit from Reddit?

Specific Audience Targeting:

Targeting focusses on just a few areas specifics such as age, location and interests. Reddit enables advertisers to aim audiences via subreddits. This implies that your audiences get specifically interested and engaged in the content provided within that subreddit. The services and products that your business offers also relates to this topic.

Heightened Engagement Opportunities:

Reddit is considered to be the largest forum present online. This platform was developed for nurturing communication, opinions and discussion. Businesses can make use of the Reddit format to their advantage.

This helps in promotion of engagement between brand and customer. Businesses also gain a hint of how users think about the brand, and what is missing according to them.

The kinds of Reddit Ads

Reddit operates on 2 different kinds of advertisements that include display ads and promoted posts. There are mainly two main kinds of advertisements that come under a promoted post. It is a link-based ad and a text-based ad. Both of these types of ads are available via the self-serve advertising in Reddit.

Link Ads:

These ads link externally to a website or a landing page. It can be in the form of a headline.

Text Ads:

This is a link that connects users to a page within the Reddit website. Thus, this link internally connects a user to another Reddit page to provide an in-depth explanation of their business, service or products. This page could also contain external linking or links to more internal pages.

Display Ads

A display ad is a traditional promotional tool that can be harnessed by a business that is in search to promote its products or services. These ads come as rich media or banner ads, which can be obtained via the marketing team of Reddit.

Display ads are comparatively more expensive than other marketing strategies but serve to be very impactful promotional tool for any business. This is the reason why it is used more by larger companies.


Despite this wide popularity of Reddit, it is still overlooked by people as a promising businesses marketing strategy. If you are formulating a marketing strategy for your business, it makes sense to include Reddit to reap its benefits.