How And When To Use Baby Toddler Pillow

How And When To Use Baby Toddler Pillow

Do you always wonder how old the baby should be to use a pillow and a blanket? If that’s a yes, you’re not the only one. In this article, we give a combined solution to all of your issues. It’s especially for the new mothers who always seem to have difficulties juggling through the day with their baby. So, follow the guide to exactly know if the baby pillow and a blanket suit your baby or not. 

In the initial stages, babies should sleep without a pillow. Also, the bedding has to be very soft for them until they complete one year of age. The American academy says it for paediatrics. However, it doesn’t mean that you buy a pillow straight away when the baby turns 1. You still have to wait for the signs if the baby likes the pillow or not. For example, if the baby is always looking for head support, he might require a pillow. Remember, there’s no sure shot way of knowing that. 

Features of a Toddler Baby Pillow

Always consult your doctor before getting the best toddler pillow. The pillow should not be adult-sized. It should be specific with the right size to give just adequate support. 

Secondly, it should be neither too soft nor too hard. Too much softness can hinder the airflow to the baby’s nose. And a below that is too hard might be uncomfortable. Remember, a pillow is a sensitive topic because your baby has to sleep on it for longer hours. 

Using A blanket along with a baby sleeping pillow

The best time for using a baby blanket is the same as the pillow. Do not use any blanket until the baby turns 1. You can use thin sheets that don’t cover the baby tightly. However, using a baby blanket is a bit more flexible than a pillow. Young toddlers can tangle themselves in a blanket. So, at least 18 months of age is needed to use a blanket on a baby. 

However, before you introduce the blanket into the baby’s life, make sure to consult a doctor. One might wonder about the method to keep the baby warm until the age of eighteen months. You can use a sleeping bag that stays cozy and keeps the temperature warm inside it. Do not wrap it around the baby’s face to minimize the risk of suffocation. 

That is all with our guide of baby blankets and pillows. We should also mention that individual situations might differ from the generalized point of view. So, always have an expert backing your decisions. 

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Happy Sleeping!