How Do You Properly Store Cannabis?

Storing cannabis correctly is the key to making it last longer. Properly stored cannabis can remain stable for up to two years if it’s in the right environment and cured for at least four weeks prior to storage. Here’s what you need to know about storing your stash to prolong its life and prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Cannabis Storage Tips

Where you store your cannabis is just as important as what you store it in. The number one consideration is to store your weed in a cool, dark, and dry environment. Humidity, temperature, light, and air can cause major problems for marijuana. 

Temperature Considerations

The ideal temperature for cannabis is between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but it needs to be kept at least below 74 degrees. Anything over 74 degrees helps mold and mildew growth. Storing cannabis at warmer temperatures causes the buds to dry out and generates an unpleasant flavor.

Light Exposure After Harvesting

Cannabis plants require light during their growing season, but once you harvest and pick the flower, UV rays degrade the stash quickly. Keep your stored cannabis away from direct light by storing in a dark environment in opaque containers.

Reduce Oxygen Exposure

If your cannabis is receiving a lot of air exposure, the cannabinoids and terpenes degrade quicker, and the cannabis loses potency as it dries out. To protect and reduce the amount of oxygen your cannabis is exposed to, keep it in an airtight container. 

Keep Your Stash Dry

Humid environments accelerate the growth of mold and mildew, but environments with no humidity cause the bud to dry out and the cannabinoids and terpenes to degrade. Strive to keep your cannabis at a relative humidity of 54 to 63%. There are ‘humidity pack’ products available that you place inside your chosen storage container to help maintain the appropriate level of humidity.

What to Store Cannabis in to Maintain Freshness

You might be tempted to put your stash in the refrigerator or freezer – but don’t do it! They are both too cold for proper storage conditions. Here’s a look at some of the best ways to preserve your cannabis in storage:

Long Term Storage

Your best option for keeping your stash fresh is using a glass mason jar. The lid completely seals out air, but glass jars are clear so light degradation is a problem if you don’t store the jar in a dark place. If you can’t find a dark place to keep your jar, you can try wrapping the outside of the jar with dark-colored paper to block out light.

You could also purchase a humidor box, originally designed for storing cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco in a humidity-controlled environment. While the wood used for these may change the flavor of your flower, humidors designed specifically for cannabis will preserve and protect the flavor.

Short Term Storage

If you’re only looking to store your cannabis for a short period of time, tight-sealing plastic bags, like zippered sandwich bags, can get the job done. Remember to keep the enclosed bags in a dark, cool environment (your pocket is too warm and humid!) and as soon as you’re able, transfer the cannabis to better storage for the long haul.

Storing your cannabis in airtight, cool, and dark environments helps preserve the quality of the product. It protects the potency and flavor and prevents mold and mildew.

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