How to Choose the Best E-Liquid in 2020

Vaping took the world by storm. From a small selection of gas-station e-cigarettes to international vaping competitions. Now that there’s such a wide selection of vape mods, vape & dab pen chargers, and e-liquid to choose from, how do you spot the best of the best? Here’s how to choose the best e-liquid in 2020

Quick Brief: What is E-Liquid?

In simple terms, e-liquid is what’s being vaporized when you vape. it comes with many different flavors to choose from. No kidding, you would be surprised at what kind of flavors you can find out there.

E-liquid from reputable brands are made in a lab and in safe conditions. Here are the main ingredients in e-liquid:

  • Vegetable Glycerin 
  • Propylene Glycol 
  • Nicotine
  • Flavor

Now that we know a little bit about e-liquid, how do we choose the best ones?

Choosing the Right Strength

By strength, we mean nicotine content. Unlike cigarettes, it’s easy to change the nicotine content of your e-liquid. You might be someone who wants a really strong kick when you hit your vape. Others who are more sensitive to nicotine can choose a weaker e-liquid (some liquids contain zero nicotine). 

If you’re not sure about how to choose the right nicotine content for your e-liquid, you can always start smaller and work your way up. One thing about learning to vape, it contains trial and error. 

Choosing the Right Flavor

Just to blow your mind real quick, here are some of the craziest e-liquids we have ever come across:

  • Seafood (yup, that’s right…seafood)
  • Worcester Sauce 
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Nachos
  • Beef Jerky

Choosing the right flavor really just depends on your preference. Most people stick to the simple grape or strawberry, but if you want to go down the e-liquid rabbit hole we won’t stop you. The more you try, the more you know. The cool thing about vaping is as soon as you get bored of a flavor, you can easily get some new flavors on deck.

Always High-Quality 

Vaping is something we want you to enjoy. To avoid any bad experiences, always choose an e-liquid from a trusted brand. If you run into a friend of a friend who “makes his own juice” DON’T DO IT. 

Often when e-liquid is maturely made, it contains harmful material that you don’t want anywhere near your lungs. Luckily, there are more rules and regulations for those selling e-liquid. So as long as you know you’re getting it from a trusted source, you shouldn’t have any issues. 


The vape universe is so cool because it’s always changing. It’s hard to see what people are going to do next, especially with e-liquid flavors. A quick recap of things to consider when choosing an e-liquid:

  • Nicotine – Find an e-liquid with suitable nicotine content.
  • Flavor – Get your hands on some cool flavors, there’s tons to choose from!
  • Quality – Always go with a high-quality e-liquid and make sure you know the source.

We hope now you have a solid foundation on e-liquid. Happy Vaping!