Rehydrating Weed – Simple Hacks

Rehydrating weed is a very successful process of breathing life into your weed so it is ready for consuming. Whether you have the best marijuana strains or not, it is very natural for them to dry out if kept for a long duration in the open. It is very natural, and there is nothing to be worried about. Dried out weed tends to burn out quickly and does not taste good. This is why it is so essential to know how to rehydrate weed. In marijuana sprouting the moisture plays a vital role, just like in rehydrating weed. Below are some hacks that will help you preserve your weed that has dried out and is not quite ready for consumption.

Using moist bread:

Moist bread offers additional moisture to your weed which is essential for changing its state from dry to moist. Do not wet the bread; place the bread and the weed in an airtight container. Leave it this way for an hour so that the moisture is distributed correctly to the dry weed. After an hour, check the condition of the bread. If it requires more moisture, then repeat the process until you find it’s sufficient enough.

After the weed gets hydrated, completely take them out and place them in a cool place, making sure it is not under direct sunlight.

Fruit peels of lemon and Lime:

You can also use fruit peels of lemon and lime to rehydrate your dry weed. This process is detailed, offering satisfactory results. There are many fruits such as banana, kiwi, apple and cherry, but lemon and Lime are believed to provide the best results. Keep it enclosed in an airtight container along with the dry weed for an hour or two and see the difference. What is so fascinating about using fruits to rehydrate is that it adds additional flavors making your weed even more exotic.


Herbs like mint rose, and thyme can be used to rehydrate dry weed as it offers moisture. Place these herbs and the dry weed in an airtight container for a few hours, allowing it to transfer moisture to the dry cannabis. This will allow the dry weed to gain moisture and rehydrate, providing a new flavor, which is rewarding.

Terra Cotta Disc:

 Terra Cotta discs are used to rehydrate several food items like brown sugar as well as  weed. Terra Cotta Discs first have to be soaked in water for about half an hour. Once done, place it in an airtight container along with the dry weed. The moisture from the Terra Cotta Disc starts to transfer gradually, rehydrating the dry weed in the process.

Disposable Humidity Pack:

The average temperature required for weed plants to thrive is around 55 degrees to 62 degrees. Anything above or below this point can affect the growth of the marijuana plant. Get yourself a Humidity Control pack that can retain the required moisture inside it by maintaining the temperature and moisture required around it. Place your dry weed in this pack and watch how quickly your old dry weed rehydrates. This process is safe and tested offering the best results.