Improving the Efficiency of Your Growing Business

For businesses to thrive, they need to have every part functioning. Whenever one sector fails, it affects the whole machine. But as a business grows, it becomes more and more complicated. What you could control through micromanaging at the start, soon becomes impossible. And if you can’t get the right systems in place, then you will lose your momentum and you may never get it back. The key to keeping everything running smoothly is organization, and efficiency, and the two are not always the same thing. Here are some ways to help improve the efficiency of your company.

Analyse and Identify Failure: If necessary, bring in some outside help to have a good look at your company’s operations and identify the areas where failures occur. Hire people to pose as customers that go through the whole service, including ordering, logistics, complaints, and returns. Have them check out the call centre and the chat lines and email. Eventually you will begin to identify the points most likely to disappoint. You will likely find that these failures are related to either poor procedural policies, or insufficient companywide integration. Integration becomes more and more critical as a company grows. You can find integration answers here Once you have located your problem areas, it is time to fix them.

Create End to End Solutions: It is entirely possible that the problem your company is having is not that it is failing at some of its tasks. But rather that it is being limited by the next step in the process. If you are making widgets, but they require someone else to make whatsits. You might be running into issues with the inefficiencies or poor practices on their side, or perhaps the two business models might be incompatible. It would be a good idea to see if your company could offer the service the other company offers. Or perhaps you need to create some custom solutions, so that you can ensure a smooth progression of your own product or service.

Foster Communities: Whatever your business is, you are likely benefiting from social media. But you should consider taking this even further. Get involved with forums, get your name involved with the discussion wherever it is. It may seem like a dirty word, but influencers are very much part of the corporate environment, and if you have your own people out there keeping your brand in play, you will be creating a whole new level of subliminal identity. Having a social media department is something that small and medium sized businesses underestimate, but the large corporations take full advantage and use guerrilla tactics at every opportunity. There is no reason not to take them on and beat them at their own game.

The greatest obstacle to profit and growth is inefficiency. There is already enough inefficiency in this world created by government and regulations. It is a shame to create some of your own. But by having good systems in place, hiring communications services, and analysing failures, you will be well on your way to smoothing out some of those rough spots.