Manage your Workforce Efficiently with Custom Business Software

Unless you keep your eye on emerging business software, you probably won’t be aware of the cutting-edge technology that streamlines business processes and for companies with a large workforce, there are powerful applications that put you firmly in control.

Business Software Developers

Large companies and corporations look for custom software solutions from specialised software developers, who can design the software around their client’s business, regardless of your industry. Managing a large workforce remands a high level of organisation, yet many tasks can actually be automated, such as the following:

  • Staff rosters
  • Timesheet
  • Payroll
  • Budget

The system would operate on the cloud, which allows authorised access from any geographical location, while every department can access real-time data that can be updated by any user.

Customisable Reporting Tools

Rather than do your own reporting, your new business software can create customised reporting systems and with up to date and accurate data at your disposal, you will always make the right decision regarding workforce placement. Of course, you must always be government compliant and your customised software ensures total compliance, making sure that employees are not overworked or assigned unsuitable tasks. If you are thinking of doing some further study, Australia rates very highly according to this article.

Award & Business Rule Interpretation

The software is fully conversant with award & business rule interpretation, which is something you would have to do manually, yet using custom business software, you can receive accurate interpretation of costs and that will ensure that you make the right decisions to use your workforce efficiently.

Optimise your Workforce

Every company can benefit from a more efficient work schedule, especially those with large numbers of employees and with efficient workforce planning comes reduced costs, something every business is looking for. From a single computer interface, you have many powerful tools at your disposal that enable you to project labour costs to find the cheapest solution for optimum workforce deployment.

Correct Payroll Payments

It is critical that you pay your staff the correct amount and on time, which is where custom business software comes into its own, using a sophisticated rules interpretation engine that is compliant with Fairwork requirements, thus ensuring compliance and on-time accurate wage payments are paid every single month.

Fatigue Management

Sending tired employees to carry out a task could lead to an accident and make you non-compliant, yet today’s state-of-the-art business software incorporates fatigue management, which ensures staff are not overworked and that you are always in compliance with Fairwork guidelines.

BOOT, IFA & Pay Comparison

The top business software would have BOOT (Better Off Overall Testing), IFA (Individual Flexibility Arrangements) and Pay Comparison built into the software, which makes things a whole lot easier. This enables automated responses regarding auditing tasks that your accounting staff normally do manually, plus you eliminate human error, which is often the cause of a salary miscalculation.

If you would like to learn more about customisable workforce management software and what it can do for your business, search with Google for a business software developer who has all the solutions.