Is It Compulsory to Have Driving Insurance Before You Leave the Dealership?

The smell of a new car and feel of that interior is something every car buyer loves as they get ready to drive out of the dealership. Buying a new car is a cause for celebration. It does not matter whether it is your 1st purchase or your 10th. But before you take to the road in your new motor, have you thought about car insurance? Is it compulsory to drive off the lot or can you get it insured once you get home?

Can You Leave the Dealership Without It?

It is easy enough to get cheap insurance for your car once you speak to a broker or get in touch with an agent. A lot of the dealerships can do it for you before you leave the garage. But is it compulsory to have car insurance and will the dealership let you take the car if it is not insured? In most countries, the dealership will allow you to leave the lot without checking your insurance, so it is up to you to have it insured or not.

If you have just invested a lot of money in an expensive motor, it makes sense to have it insured for the drive home. You never know what could go wrong, even on a short trip from the dealership.

Can I Get Insurance Before I Buy a Car?

The answer to this question is yes, but only if you know the exact make, model, and registration number of the car. A lot of vehicles are pricey to maintain and the insurance on some models costs a lot, so think carefully about your purchase.

You can visit an insurance broker or get your policy sorted online. But this only works when you are sure about the type of car you are about to purchase. You can mark the date you want the coverage to start, so it covers you when you drive off the lot. If you do not go down this route, you can also:

  • Opt for car insurance off the dealership.
  • Leave the car in the dealership until you obtain insurance.
  • Leave the dealership without any coverage.

Purchasing your car insurance before you buy the car is never a bad idea, especially when you know exactly what you are buying.

Is it Possible to Get Same Day Insurance?

If you cannot obtain insurance before you visit the dealership or you are not sure what type of car you plan on buying, it is possible to get insurance on the day you purchase the vehicle. There are many ways to secure affordable car insurance, you just have to shop around and be aware of the best research methods.

When opting for same-day insurance, make sure you have all the right details, so the company can process your request.

Buying the car of your dreams means nothing without the right car insurance. Although you can drive off the lot without any car insurance, you put yourself at risk if something happens on the commute home. Before making a decision, compare your car insurance quotes.