Protective Clothing & Equipment That your Employees Might Need

If you run a business, it is your duty as an employer to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, and while implementing training and education programs like OSHA 10 online training is a key way to provide employees with the skills they need to identify and address worksite hazards before they can cause an injury is key, providing the right equipment is equally important in ensuring your workers have the skills and the tools they need to do the job. In this article, and in this article, we will take a look at some of the essential items of protective clothing and equipment that are often required in the work arena.

  • Steel Toe Capped Boots – These are essential in any industrial area where there are heavy materials being moved, plus construction site workers will wear steel toe capped boots as a matter of course. A good pair of boots would also give the wearer good grip and ankle support, both of which are critical for safe working.
  • Goggles – Working with machinery sometimes requires eye protection and googles would always be supplied in such scenarios. Professions like dentists, jewellery makers and other professions that use high-speed drills or devices, should all wear goggles.
  • Reflective Clothing – When it is essential that people are visible, such as working in a loading bay, or carrying out road repairs, and there are online suppliers of top-quality workwear to suit a wide range of industries. If you create an account with an established protective clothing and equipment supplier, you can order at any time and the items will be delivered to your place of work, ensuring that you have everything in hand.
  • Respiratory Aids – Asbestos removal, for example, requires special respiratory equipment, as does any industry that generates dust, and face masks come in many different types, and the online supplier would have you covered.
  • Ear Defenders – Any work that involves noise above a certain decibel level must supply ear defenders for the staff. Obvious examples include airport technical staff on runways, tree surgeons and operators of loud machinery, and with online suppliers, you can always ensure that you have a supply of ear defenders in your yard.
  • Gloves – Gloves are often required and if you search online for a company that focuses on protective clothing and equipment, they would have a large selection of gloves. Welders and metal workers do require special gloves that protect them from the blazing heat, and whatever the industry, there are specific gloves that are tailor made for certain activities.
  • Non-Slip Footwear – Working in warehouses where floors are often wet does require staff to wear shoes that have excellent grip, and with a range of sneaker-like comfortable shoes, your employees are less likely to encounter workplace accidents from losing their grip on the floor.
  • Overalls – In some heavy industries, it is essential for workers to wear very think and protective overalls, which have special pockets for the essential tools they might need while working. Smelting, welding and working with molten metal do require special clothing that protects against burns, and your local online protective clothing and equipment supplier would have what your workers need.

Using the Internet is the best way to source an established Australian company that provides protective clothing and equipment, and once registered, you can order at any time.