The Pros & Cons of Using a Car Key Fob for Vehicle

With the automobile technology making great strides, we have seen highly complex mechanical parts replaced with simpler and more efficient counterparts. This advancement has made our lives easier, big time. Take a car key fob, for example. It allows a driver to push the disk on the key fob to unlock and start the vehicle. No worries of lost keys, no need for further ignition repairs, no nothing! 

But, some people still like things the traditional way; they prefer keys over innovation. Nevertheless, with technology taking over the world, even classical people can’t help wondering whether they will shift to using a car key fob or not! 

However, just because something is becoming a standard in the world doesn’t mean it’s safe to adopt it. Along with the obvious perks of a key fob, its demerits must also be carefully analyzed to enjoy using this technology to its fullest. Some of its most common pros and cons across the board are listed below. 


  1. Accessibility

Several arguments can be put forth on the troubles of operating an automobile using a mechanical key. For instance, when you’re coming back from shopping and carrying a few shopping bags. In this case, poking around your pocket for your car keys can spill everything on the ground. In such a scenario, a fob key comes to the rescue. You only have to open the door by pressing a button, and the fob will do the job for you. However, you must be within a specific reach to operate it.

  1. It’s Hard to Pick 

Auto locksmiths in Rochester NY have stated that a keyless car poses a significant challenge to lockpickers and becomes less susceptible to a break-in. A lockpicker can still break a window or find another way to unlock the vehicle. But think about it this way. Even after making a lot of effort to break in, he can’t make off with it, as your key fob has already locked it. And he’ll end up making failed attempts to ignite the engine. So, don’t worry yourself up on the possibility of a stray burglar picking your car lock while you’re away!

  1. Relax! It’s Gets Automatically Locked

Ever felt the confusion whether you’ve locked your car or not after walking a few steps away? When you pull up in a supermarket’s parking lot, you may find somebody turning back toward their motorcar to ensure the same. Yes, it happens. 

A car key fob spares you such confusion. The very second you move away from your car’s range, it gets locked automatically. Therefore, your car’s running engine or it being unsupervised is not problematic anymore.

  1. It Sets the Speed Limit 

Some key fobs have a feature of setting a car’s speed limit so that it can’t go over. It’s a notable perk for those parents who want to be absolutely sure that their kids aren’t overspeeding. Such a benefit can be of massive significance for having a safe drive. 


  1. Your Car Can Still Be Stolen 

The bad news is: your vehicle can still be stolen. But the good news is that only high-profile conmen go out of their way to break into; they can evade your car’s ignition with a counterfeit device to start it. The street thieves can’t pull this off. It implies that those conmen are after your car along with the cash in your glove box.

2. Safety Issues 

Say your vehicle is parked in your garage; the key fob has remotely started it without you knowing it. Do you know what potential risk it poses? Serious leakage of carbon monoxide will poison your garage. So it’s essential that you watch out for any such activity and put the fob at a safe distance to operate the auto in the first place. 

3. It’s Not Pocket-Friendly 

Keyless fobs are usually included in the package when you purchase a car. But it may need replacement over time – the cost of the upkeeps is mostly high. The same scenario can be painted if you lose your key fob. Reprogramming is also more expensive than having your traditional keys repaired. Technology has made our lives convenient, but it has done so at the cost of us spending a hefty amount of money.

4. Non-Functional Key Fob

If a key fob goes out of order or its software is corrupted due to some anomalies, you can’t unlock your automobile without using the mechanical keys.

An Important Note: The convenience of using electronic key locks certainly tempts most people to opt for it. On the other hand, some prefer the security and a guarantee of getting access to their vehicles in any event. You can discuss both these options with a qualified locksmith at great lengths to get an expert opinion. Opting for either of them, however, is a subjective preference.