Why Australia is the Number One Choice for Further Study Programs

Of all the developed countries in the world, Australia has established itself as the number one destination for young people wishing to further their education. When you compare the cost of living with, say the US or the UK, prices are considerably lower, plus tuition fees are reasonable, which makes for an attractive proposition.

South East Asia & China

There are many young people studying their BA or MBA in Australia, with students from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam being popular among Australian education institutes, where the English language is very important. Those from non-English speaking countries are obviously looking to study in an English-speaking country and Australia is the ideal destination, and with respected universities and colleges, the standard of education is very high. Chinese families have long preferred Australia and New Zealand for university education, which is why there are so many Asian students living in Australia.

Closer Than Europe

For someone who lives in South East Asia, travelling to Australia is much-preferred over Europe, as air fares are significantly cheaper, and the warm winters are an added attraction for Asian people, who are not accustomed to below zero temperatures. China is a huge country and the middle and upper class prefer their children to graduate from an Australian university, which is prestigious as well as helping the student to develop English language competence.

Safe & Friendly

The people of Australia are multicultural and very friendly and this is one of the reasons why people like to study in cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Australia is a very young country that is made up of many diverse cultures and so racism is not an issue, making for a popular destination for foreign students. You can use the services of a firm like https://www.hermis.com.au/, who assist students obtain the necessary visa for study, and with their experience, the process is usually straightforward.


When you consider the cost of living and studying in London for 3-4 years, for example, it adds up to a significant investment, and with a lower standard of living and lower tuition fees, Australia is a very attractive alternative to the US or Europe. It isn’t just the tuition fees, the student also has to rent accommodation and has all the regular living expenses to pay while studying, and over the course of 4 years, there’s substantial savings to be made by selecting an Australian university.

Language Acquisition

For every Asian student, English is critical and living and studying in Australia is certain to give the student a high level of English fluency, not only regarding technical English, but also day to day use and general conversation. When the student returns home after graduating, being fluent in English will really help them to land a top job, and most students from Thailand or Malaysia can speak English very well after the first 2 years of foreign study and by the time they graduate, they are almost fluent.

If you are from a non-English speaking country and would like to further your education, Australia ticks all the boxes.