Why Consider A RN Health Coach Accreditation

There can be very little argument that modern medicine has saved countless lives – and those who have chosen to become nurses are an integral part of assisting patients on their road to recovery. The nurse’s area of specialty makes very very little difference to the level of passion that they have for what they do. It does not matter if the nurses are pivotal in easing the passing of those suffering from a terminal disease if they are assisting in ushering in a new life to the world – or simply ensuring that those who are recovering in a medical facility enjoy the highest standards of care, they are driven by a passion for what they do.

Nurses have a passion for their chosen careers, they labor under extraditions, including long hours and often remuneration that does not match the vital services that they offer. However, their love for what they do keeps them focused.

This may be true for some nurses, but there are those in the three million-strong nursing community in the United States that are growing increasingly disillusioned with the almost exclusive focus of modern medicine on the treatment of physical symptoms, rather than ‘whole person’ treatment which focuses on issues such as the social, physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the patient, as well as enhancing the effectiveness of symptom management.

These nurses may have a valid point when it comes to the benefits of the holistic approach. Research indicates that those who are treated in a holistic manner seem to recover faster than those who simply receive symptom-based care – and they tend to enjoy well-being benefits as well as a better quality of life both during the recovery period and beyond.

What is an RN Health Coach?

An RN Health Coach studies towards accreditation in holistic care, focusing on areas including the factors such as optimal nutrition, better sleep habits, ease of movement, mindfulness, relationships, and much more. For many nurses, the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program available from The Nurse Coach Collective is the key to a more fulfilled life as an RN – and provides the skills to guide patients on their journey towards wellbeing and empower those patients with the skills that they need to navigate the choppy waters of the recovery process – and life beyond recovery.

This is no quick fix, but rather an incremental process. And it is one that has not only made a tremendously positive contribution to the patient’s quality of life – but has also allowed registered nurses to reignite their passion for nursing.

The RN Health Coach Accreditation process has been developed by nurses for nurses – those involved in development are well aware of the stresses faced by RNs – and the increasingly widespread disillusionment with current symptom-based medical treatment. They are aware that many registered nurses are of the opinion that current medical practice is long overdue for disruption – and they are change agents. They are committed to whole-person patient care and the positive impact that certification as an RN Health Coach can have on registered nurses

In order to enjoy the benefits of this certification, the registered nurse must have an active, unrestricted license as an RN, irrespective of the field of specialty. Of course, the ongoing education program also requires dedication and focus. However, this is made simpler by the fact that course modules are delivered over the Internet, as are supporting documents. The fact that the course is delivered online allows RNs to continue working while they are studying. It is tremendously flexible. Those who undertake studies towards this certification will not be left alone to navigate the coursework. Online telephonic support from Nurse Coaches is available, and there is a community of thousands who have enjoyed the benefits of the program. They are ready and willing to provide advice and emotional support to the student.

The Benefits of Certification

There are numerous active ‘health advisors’ who simply do not have any formal training, license or certification. This is not only dangerous to their clients but has the knock-on effect of damaging the reputation of an entire community of caregivers. However, the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program available from The Nurse Coach Collective allows the nurse to obtain nationally accredited certification from the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corp (the AHNCC).

This certification differentiates the qualified Rn from others who are part of a tremendously competitive field. It can be the key to further career development – and will certainly provide the job satisfaction that many nurses seem to be currently lacking. Of course, the skills that are obtained will also benefit patients, their communities, and loved ones.

If you want to rediscover your passion for your career as a registered nurse and are interested in taking your first step toward a more creative and fulfilling approach to patient wellness then make that free call to The Nurse Coach Collective where a qualified Nurse Coach will answer any questions you might have.