3 Natural Supplements To Implement Into Your Daily Routine

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy organic foods, produce, and foods with limited to no trans fats or added sugars. I’ve also found that I’m hesitant to use pills or ingest chemicals if I don’t absolutely need to. Because of this, I’ve found myself on the search for natural remedies, supplements, or substitutes that I feel do just as good a job. Today I’ll share 3 that I believe have made an impact and are relatively easy to come by.

1.      Kratom. 

Not a lot of people have heard of Kratom. It’s a natural supplement that comes from Malaysia and you can usually find Kratom for sale in bulk, where the leaf is sold and ground down Bg into a powder at home, or in capsules. In this case, the leaf has already been ground and put in small ingestible capsules that can be taken with ease just as a regular vitamin would be. I’ve seen Kratom help in a variety of situations. 

Most of the time it acts as an accelerant and invigorates the brain . This increases productivity, as it prolongs your attention span. Because of this, most people use it either when they’re trying to study, work, or stay awake. It’s also been used as a caffeine substitute for people trying to break an addiction. Because it’s new, I’ll drop a link to make it easy for you to buy Kratom or Green mang da.

2.      Essential Oils. 

There are a variety of different essential oil companies that will tell you that their product is superior in some way or another, but I’ve found that most of them are 100% extracts meaning that it’s all the same thing. I’ve found Lavender especially to be soothing and help me sleep better. Eucalyptus helps with sores and stuffy noses, and Lemon helps me with common colds. If you want to learn more about this, there are many books, articles, and posts about the different usages of these oils. You can find something for anything.

3.      Whey Proteins. 

Mainly used for increasing muscle mass, there are also blends that help to lean out a human figure as well. They work great as morning protein shakes if you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re trying to put on weight, take them at night right before bed and they’ll be digested overnight and turn into fats which you can later turn into muscle.