5 Tips to Help You Survive a Power Outage at Home

Think of all the components in your home that require electricity – televisions, refrigerators, laptops, and kitchen appliances. There are so many crucial elements that need electricity in your home. If the power suddenly goes out and you are left with no electricity, what do you do? While waiting for a reliable electrician, you should follow these useful tips.

  1. Maintenance

By this we mean if you have a cold refrigerator and the power has gone out, do not keep going to the fridge and opening the door. Keep it as cold as you possibly can by leaving it along as much as possible. If you need an emergency call out, you can get contact details from professional residential electricians at http://www.bevanrobinsonelectrical.com.au/. Leading electrical experts will have their opening times on their website, and it will tell you whether they offer 24 hour call out services.

  • Don’t Use a Burner to Create Light

When the electricity goes out, it is incredibly inconvenient. If it happens when the sun has gone down, you probably will not be able to see very much inside. Many homeowners attempt to light their homes with a gas stove or burner, it creates heat and it brings light. But, allowing natural gas to build up inside your property is something you should avoid.

  • Unplug All Appliances & Electronics

This is an important tip that many homeowners fail to do during a power outage. Sometimes a power surge occurs when there is too much power going to your home. Although this short spike in power only lasts for a few seconds, it is enough to fry any circuit board that is still plugged into the mains. Disconnecting all appliances and electronics will save valuable household items.

  • Backup Power for Medical Equipment

You should always have backup power if you have any essential medical devices that must stay on constantly. If your home suffers a power outage and you have an oxygen machine or home dialysis system that relies on electricity, it is crucial that you invest in a generator or battery power. The unit must be kept on, even when your main power source has gone down. If you do not have emergency protocol in place, now is the time to do it.

  • Call an Electrician

When a power outage hits, it can be caused by many things. If you look next door and your neighbours are having no issues, there isn’t much point in calling the power company. The problem is probably located in your home and the power company will not deal with residential issues. A licensed electrician will evaluate your home and fix what has caused the outage.

A power outage is not always caused by the main power grid shutting off. The only way to know this is to look outside and see if any other homes in your neighbourhood are having problems. If your property is the only one in darkness, you will need an experienced electrician to call out, identify the problem and get it fixed.