Motorcycle Camping Gear

Motorcycle camping is the best camping. Not only is it a superior way to travel while experiencing nature, camping with a motorcycle forces you to be specific in what you choose to bring. So, when you camp from a motorcycle, you camp. Instead of just moving your living room to the forest. Some people push the limits of this elegant minimalism by hauling a trailer with their bike. That is acceptable only because motorcycle trailers are their own kind of cool.  But the pure experience is just the two wheels and the great outdoors. The modern cowboy adventure, where you have only your bedding and a few tools. And wherever you end up, that is your camp. If you wish to try motorcycle camping you must bring some essentials. Here is the minimum list.

  • Motorcycle Bags: In this travel genre, you can bring as many bags as will attach to your ride. However, points are earned for style and coordination. Tank bags, saddle bags, tail bags, it’s all good. It is also good to arrive decked out in the appropriate gear for adventure riding. You can find all your motorbike gear at Wheels Motorcycles, who are a leading UK dealer with a great reputation.
  • Tent: The best shelter solution for most conditions. Unless you have time to make your own shelter or you want to sleep with the mosquitoes.
  • Knife, Hatchet, and Fire Starter: Your basic camping tool kit. You will get almost everything done with these. Probably you should bring 20 meters of paracord too.
  • Sleeping bag: This can be a real space stealer, depending on how large of a bag you need. But you will not get much sleep without one.
  • First Aid Kit: This is the item you never need if you bring it along. If you leave it at home though, you will wish you had it, that’s just how it works. A checklist for your road trip is a good idea too
  • Fishing Gear: If it is legal for you to do so, you can spend some time in the evening trying to get a free meal. Buy a collapsible rod, or maybe just a roll of line and some bait hooks. Unless fishing is you reason to go. Then bring whatever you need. This part isn’t essential, but it makes the camping more authentic.
  • Dehydrated Food: The goal here is to reduce weight, you don’t want to bring a cooler and you don’t want to bring anything heavy. Dehydrated food works perfect, or you could pick something up near your location.
  • A Pot, or Pan: You really can’t go without one of these. They can be used as plates too, but you might want to bring some cutlery.

With this essential kit you will be able to cover great distances and have your camp set up in minutes. Bring along a few mates and you will be having a bit of that Easy rider experience that motorcycling is all about. Live free while you can and make the most of the open road. And while you do, spare a moment of compassion for those who need to bring a 30-foot RV just to get out of town for a couple of days.