Superyacht Charter Destinations in Southeast Asia

If you are going to charter a Superyacht, you want to get everything right. One of the most important considerations is the locations. There are charters available all over the world, but few areas of the world offer as many destinations in such close proximity, as South East Asia. Virtually every country in the region offers exotic locations and accessible luxury accommodations along the way. If you make the right choice and hire a knowledgeable crew. A super yacht charter in this region of the world will provide the top-level holiday experience you deserve.

  • Thailand: Thailand is a great place to begin a superyacht charter adventure. It is an international hub, and there are many interesting attractions and destinations to enhance the holiday experience. Thailand’s Andaman coast is one of the most photogenic locations you will ever see, and if you are in the mood for some nightlife, the beach party scene is unmatched. From Thailand you can begin a journey to several exotic locations all the way from the Maldives to the Philippines, and all the places in between are just as interesting.
  • Malaysia: Just a bit south along the same Andaman coastline is Malaysia, but Malaysia is on both sides the archipelago and carries on out into the South China Sea. From Penang, all the way around to Kota Bharu you will find beautiful scenery, and long-established ports. You can even make a stop in the world class city of Singapore which has its own long-established yachting culture and tradition.  
  • Maldives: Way out in the Indian Ocean is a fascinating country, barely peeking above the waves. The Maldives are like no other place in the world. Located south and east of India and Sri Lanka, the Maldives is a series of 26 atolls. Officially the smallest country geographically in Asia, it is home to some of the world’s most extraordinary snorkelling and scuba diving. The crystal-clear waters are teeming with life in a pristine and tranquil environment.
  • Philippines: The farthest you can go from the Maldives and still be in the region of South East Asia is the Philippines. With an extraordinary 7611 islands to explore, you will not be short of scenery for a backdrop to your Superyacht photos. The Philippines also has some interesting historical sites. The islands of the South China Sea are brimming with white sand beaches, gin clear waters and abundant marine life around the beautiful reefs.

In addition to the various cultural and scenic opportunities available in the region, there is the benefit of the area’s most favourable climate and generally calm seas. This ensures a long yachting season, and more opportunities to arrange the perfect expedition for you and your guests. South East Asia is unique in the world for its tropical mix of friendly cultures and postcard views. Starting off from Thailand, there is an overwhelming abundance of destinations to choose from. Or you can sail the local islands and simply let the crew guide you to the region’s hidden charms.